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States Still Falling Short On REAL ID Requirements

The deadline for states to adopt REAL ID standards passed on January 15, 2013, and three quarters of U.S. states still fall short of the new requirements. Only 13 states currently issue driver’s licenses and other IDs that comply with the enhanced security standards, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Quiz: E and O

Quiz: E and O

Knowing what your Errors and Omissions policy covers is an important part of keeping yourself safe from liability. Take our quiz and see if you can separate the E&O facts from fiction.

Common Signing Professional Errors

The Notary Bulletin recently reached out to NSAs via social media to ask about their experiences and get their advice on how to avoid, prevent or resolve some of the more common errors.

NNA Offers Condolences To Friend Of The Association

The staff of the National Notary Association offers its heartfelt condolences to our good friend Thomas Smedinghoff and his family after the loss of his daughter Anne, a young diplomat who was one of five Americans killed in Afghanistan on April 6.

New laws clarify Notary's role in real estate transactions

States continue to define the role of Notaries in the real estate process with three recently enacted statutes — a Utah law that clarifies the function of Notary Signing Agents, and new laws in New Mexico and the District of Columbia that allow a homeowner to transfer property upon death to a beneficiary using a notarized document.

Avoid Bringing 'Branded' Office Supplies To A Loan Signing

Well-prepared Notary Signing Agents often bring pens, sticky notes and other tools with them on assignment. But be careful if there’s a brand name on your items — some lenders don’t want loan signing professionals using supplies with a competitor’s logo printed on them.

Hotline Tip: How Much Can I Charge As A Mobile Notary?

Hotline Tip: How Much Can I Charge As A Mobile Notary?

I’ve been working as a Notary at my job for several years, and I’ve recently decided to get more out of my commission by becoming a mobile Notary. How much am I allowed to charge for a signing, if the notarization includes travel, photocopies, or other services?

Proposed Law Could Permit Notaries To Officiate Weddings

Proposed Law Could Permit Notaries To Officiate Weddings

The Nevada legislature is considering a bill that would authorize Notaries to officiate at weddings. If passed, Nevada would join Florida, South Carolina and Maine as the only states that permit Notaries to perform marriages.