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Census: Illegal Immigration Is Slowing

Census: Illegal Immigration Is Slowing

The number of undocumented immigrants in the country has dropped significantly, according to data released recently by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Malta Notary Reform Brings More Transparency, Efficiency, Quality

As part of an ongoing effort to streamline and reform its notarial system, Malta is implementing a series of amendments and regulations designed to create a more transparent reporting system, standardize its service model, and ensure consistent, high quality performance from its Notaries.

Home Equity Loans Make A Comeback

After declining for the past six years, Home Equity Loan (HELOC) originations rose 30 percent to almost $80 billion in 2012, the highest level since the start of the housing meltdown in 2008

Palmprints And Photos: ID Security Or Invasion Of Privacy?

With more people seeking healthcare services using false names and identities, hospitals are adding security features to verify patient identity, including palm print readers and photographing patients. While some observers see this as a necessary safeguard, others fear it’s a violation of patient privacy.

Q&A: E-Mail Tips For Legal Professionals

For legal professionals, courtesy and respect for a client’s privacy are essential practices in the office — and that doesn’t just apply to paper documents and oral communication. Etiquette and good judgment are also essential for e-mail communication. The Legal Professionals Section spoke with Dmitri Leonov, Vice President of Growth for the e-mail service company SaneBox in Los Angeles, California, to discuss important e-mail practices for Notaries working in the legal field.

The Wrong Reasons To Refuse A Notarization

The Wrong Reasons To Refuse A Notarization

One of the toughest situations you can face is being asked to notarize a document in support of something that goes against your beliefs.

Tips For NSAs In The Aftermath Of Natural Disasters

Superstorm Sandy has caused severe damage across large areas of the East Coast, and Notary Signing Agents there may be dealing with problems caused by the storm for the foreseeable future. Here are some tips and suggestions for handling some of the more common issues.