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Notary Bulletin

State Laws Trump Employer Requests Regarding Journal Custody

When a Notary in the legal profession changes jobs, the transition can sometimes create confusion in the office over who retains your notarial records. A supervising attorney may insist that the firm retain your Notary journal based on attorney-client privilege, but state laws always supersede any request by an employer. The proper response is to retain it in your custody.

Texas 'Notario' Cases Illustrate Chronic Issue

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently filed civil lawsuits against six Rio Grande Valley Notaries Public, accusing them of defrauding immigrant clients by falsely claiming that they had the skill or knowledge necessary to handle their clients’ immigration cases in violation of several state laws. The lawsuits claim the defendants took advantage of confusion over the similarities between the titles Notario Publico and Notary Public. These lawsuits shed light on the chronic issue of Notario abuse that plagues immigrant communities throughout the country.

Notaries Of America, Japan Needs Our Help

With dignity and quiet pain, Japanese are suffering the devastating effects of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. Let us, as Notaries, now come to their aid.

eRecording Continues To Expand Across Nation

More than 600 counties in 36 states now are able to record documents electronically, according to the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA).

February Poll Results: The Importance of Training

In a call to action for the nation’s Notaries, more than 90 percent of respondents to the NNA’s February 2011 poll said they believe education and training is essential for every Notary, even if not required by state law.

Georgia Bill Aims To Roll Back Notary Application Fee Hike

Individuals in Georgia applying for or renewing Notary commissions may get a significant break after a new bill that seeks to undo a massive application fee hike has passed through the state House of Representatives by a vote of 162 to 1.

Hotline Tip: Less, Not More

One of the most common identity issues occurs when a signer’s name in a document or their signature does not match the name on the identification document presented to you.