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February Poll Results: The Importance of Training

In a call to action for the nation’s Notaries, more than 90 percent of respondents to the NNA’s February 2011 poll said they believe education and training is essential for every Notary, even if not required by state law.

The largest group, representing 67 percent of respondents, said that Notaries should undergo training when they initially apply for and renew their commissions. About 15 percent supported training only for first-time commission applicants. Another 10 percent said education is only necessary when a state changes or updates its laws.

By contrast, only 3 percent of Notaries surveyed believed training is unnecessary, either because it’s too expensive (1 percent) because they only notarize for signers in the workplace (1 percent) or because they believe notarizing is too simple to require training (1 percent).

Findings for February's poll were based on a survey of 1,094 Notaries.

February Poll Results

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