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CA Notary Fee Survey: Has The Increase Helped You?

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Tara Denham

29 May 2017

The fee increase has definitely been long overdue but very welcomed as it has helped to offset the increasing operational costs for Notaries. It has also helped in the awareness of the value of our services. Thank you to all who supported this bill.

Vicki Sexton

29 May 2017

Many of the signing agencies haven't raised the rate of pay for signing agents. The increase in the fee hasn't done much of anything for my income.

Terri Mossi

30 May 2017

I work for Medtronic and notarize internal documents only so I don't charge for services because it is only co-workers (also notaries) notarizing documents. The fee doesn't currently affect me, but I will charge $15 if I choose to do any outside personal documents.

Laynon Williams

30 May 2017

I love it because it make our services more worth while. Some people do not want to pay a travel fee so this increase helps to defray the added cost of travel. But not by much.


31 May 2017

Change is good. Customers are realizing the value of their signatures.

Chris Parreira

31 May 2017

As a NSA, I have not seen any increases in assignment fees. A loan signing, I have to nottarize between 8-12 documents. Signing agencies have not adjusted for the increase in notary fees. In fact, I have seen a reduction in fees offered. So to summarize, the $5.00 increase has not helped me overall since the majority of my business is loan signings.

Catherine James

03 Jun 2017

It only helps with fees for general notary work. My business comes from loan signings, and there was no affect on that. It would be nice if the increased fee worked into an increased loan signing fee.

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