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NNA Civility Tip: How to avoid a food fight at Thanksgiving

In keeping with the NNA’s efforts to promote civility among our community and society at large, we are posting this handy infographic, “Tips To Avoid The Food Fight.”

While the holidays are a time for family gatherings, sharing and giving, they often bring out tensions and disagreements between friends and loved ones. So the National Institute for Civil Discourse created these tips to help keep things civil during the holidays — and the rest of the year.

Most of the tips are commonsense suggestions that can work whenever you need to discuss a difficult subject:

  • Find a comfortable place to have the discussion.
  • Make sure everyone taking part in the conversation knows the topic.
  • Have all participants agree to ground rules.
  • Listen to each other in order to learn.
  • Practice civility with someone you trust.
  • Be aware of your responses and find ways to reduce your tensions.

For more about how we can get along despite our differences, see the post, “Civility In Crisis: What You Can Do About It.”


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