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The National Notary Foundation: 20 years of giving

foundation-med.gifFounded in 1997, the National Notary Foundation (NNF) has provided opportunities for Notaries and their families to support humanitarian and philanthropic work around the globe. Thanks to the efforts and generosity of Notaries and other supporters across the United States, the Foundation and its supporters have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to medical research, educational programs and disaster relief efforts. One hundred percent of contributions go directly to supported programs, and all the Foundation’s operating costs are donated by the NNA. The Foundation’s charitable efforts include:

  • Scholarships for students at colleges and universities throughout the country, including UCLA, the Florida State University School of Law, California State University Northridge and others. 
  • Scholarships at the City College of New York in memory of firefighters and police officers who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.
  • Ongoing support for breast cancer research at City of Hope through the Linda Bazar Breast Cancer Fund. Named in honor of the NNA's late and beloved Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, who lost her life in the battle against breast cancer, the Fund provides medical researchers with financial support as they search for a cure to the disease which affects 200,000 women every year.
  • Regular assistance to the victims of natural disasters in the U.S., including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the destructive 2011 storm season in the Midwestern and southern United States. This year, the Foundation has supported relief efforts for victims of the 2017 hurricanes in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico as well as victims of the 2017 Mexico City earthquake. 
  • Free Notary training courses at the NNA’s annual Conference to help U.S. veterans start new careers after returning to civilian life.

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