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Notaries dedicated to serving their communities

The NNA’s Notary of the Year honor recognizes Notaries whose actions go beyond their commissioned duties and serve as philanthropists. Here are a few outstanding Notary of the Year recipients:  

Frank MarciaFrank Marcial, 2006 Notary of the Year
For years, Frank Marcial of Stevenson Ranch, California, organized food and clothing drives for the Feed the Children organization, and that experience was crucial when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast. He mobilized a small army of volunteers to fill up truckloads of relief supplies and personally escorted them to the hardest-hit areas.

Liz AdamsLiz Adams, 2008 Notary of the Year
Liz Adams of Orlando, Florida, was inspired to make a difference after meeting a young boy at a wedding who was suffering from renal cell carcinoma. That encounter led her to start a nonprofit foundation to help with his medical expenses, and later she expanded the foundation’s activities to help other children suffering from cancer.

Sheri KesterkeSheri Kesterke, 2012 Notary of the Year
For Sheri Kesterke of Berrien Springs, Michigan, helping her community is her life’s work. More than 30 years ago, she and her husband created the Christmas Care Program that collects food and gifts for needy families each holiday season.

David SheanDavid Shean, 2014 Notary of the Year
David Shean of Pasadena, California, has his own definition of “giving.” He is a passionate supporter of the City of Hope, one of the leading cancer research facilities in the nation, helping to organize fundraising activities such as charity walks. Beyond that, he regularly donates blood and platelets for patients in need.

LaQuita GaskinsLaQuita Gaskins 2015 Notary of the Year
LaQuita Gaskins of Radcliff, Kentucky, personifies the ideal of helping others. After retiring from the U.S. Army, Gaskins founded Shiloh City of Peace, a nonprofit organization that helps anyone in need with a safe haven until they can get back on their feet. She has even turned over a number of homes she owns to serve as shelters. “If someone needs help, and I have it to give, I will.”

Elissa DaveyElissa Davey 2016 Notary of the Year 
Elisa Davey of Vista, California, is the kind of person who can be moved by tragedy to make a difference. After reading a newspaper article about a baby’s body found abandoned in a trash can in San Diego, she founded the nonprofit organization, Garden of Innocence, to provide a dignified resting place for abandoned and unidentified children and infants.

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