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'Notario Publico' And Notary Fraud

Con artists targeting immigrant victims commonly advertise fraudulent legal services using the Spanish title “Notario Publico” or other foreign-language translations of “Notary Public.”

State Laws Related To Notaries and Immigration

To curb immigration-related fraud, many states have laws in place strictly regulating how Notaries and immigration consultants may advertise and provide their services.

Notarizing For Minors: Special Considerations

There are some extra considerations that you should make when asked to notarize a minor’s signature. Understand how to proceed in this situation.

Data Security For Notaries On The Go

The threat of cybercriminals has made data security more important than ever before for Notaries. Learn how to keep your records safe.

Which States Have The Toughest Notary Exams?

Updated 1-25-16. Requirements to receive a Notary commission are becoming more difficult in many states. Find helpful resources to help you pass your state’s exam.