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NSA tips: The best and worst customer service practices for Notaries

Best and worst customer service practices for Notaries article

Updated 7-25-22. Good customer service is essential to a successful Notary business. Here are some basic tips — along with mistakes to avoid — from experienced Notaries:

Three customer service practices recommended by Notaries

1. Be on time for every notarization. “I think the most important thing is being on time and accurate. You want the signer to tell people that you arrived on time and the notarization was quick and fast — that goes a long way.” — Lana Brown, Los Angeles, California

2. Show signers and clients that you know what you are doing. “Make sure your commission and training stay up to date, and pay attention to what’s going on in your industry,” Shannon Ziccardi, Lake Forest, California

3. Keep your schedule flexible. “Whatever the client needs, give them top-notch service. Be available above and beyond what signers may need. If they ask you to be there at 10 p.m., you do it." David Green, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Three customer service mistakes Notaries should avoid

1. Don't complain about your situation or take frustrations out on your signers. “Don’t badmouth companies you work for or criticize your competition in front of signers. Your job is to conduct the notarization and make sure everything goes smoothly. Never talk about negative stuff with customers.” — David Green, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

2. Don't neglect letting people know if a scheduling issue comes up. “If you are going to be late, it’s important to let people know. It’s a big frustration for signers and companies when Notaries only call after the fact.” Sonita Leak, Greenville, South Carolina

3. Don't ignore mistakes or expect other people to fix them for you. “Don’t say ‘I screwed up, I’ll just send the document in and hope it’s not an issue.' If you catch your mistakes and take a proactive approach to fixing them, that’s really appreciated.” David KrauseSeattle, Washington​

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.


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Trudie Hines

07 Oct 2015

Excellent tips.


07 Oct 2015

Go above and beyond for you lifelong client, remember treat every client with uttmost respect and love...


24 Jul 2017

Be available at 10pm? That's a little much

Max Thomas

24 Jul 2017

Signers from Hell: Closing set for 7 pm at signers residence.They didn't get home until 8pm.Loan package contained 219 pages which required 17 notarizations. Signers resented me for not being a lender employee. Totally did not understand my role as notary and kept asking questions about deal points such as interest, payments, default points, etc.They insisted on reading every word of each document. It took them 25 minutes to read the first page of the first document of a non notarized document. By this rate the closing would have taken past midnight, therefore making my notarizations ineffective by being on a different date than the documents. My telephone calls to the lender and my client were after their hours and not answered. Signers also continuously argued between themselves and there were countless interruptions by other family members. I made one final plea to follow my instructions but to no avail. I informed the signers that I was terminating the closing, folded my papers and left. Once home, I emailed all relevant parties about what happened. All agreed with my actions and paid my fee. They also have continued referring closings to me.

24 Jul 2017

Im nit sure what exactly i should put on the paper. If the client already has the date and names do i have to stamp it with the affidavit stamp and fill it out or just stamp with my notary stamp


24 Jul 2017

10PM?!?!? REALLY?!?!? We are not plumbers showing up for an emergency. UnLESS you live in an apartment building and the signer is your neighbor, it is foolish to witness at that hour. I make a LOT of accommodations, changes in date/time/location, but even 8PM is pushing it on safety. I have done a signing at 7PM in the winter 3 miles from my home, in pea soup fog and THAT was risky enough, but I still got it done. Let's be real, this is STILL a part time business.


25 Jul 2017

I agree with Betty. I don't work past 7:00 appts. in the summer and winter it depends on the weather. You have to think of safety. 10:00pm is too late. Also, waiting for an hour is not required of most companies. If the signers are not there within twenty minutes you can leave. You have other appts and things to get done. People should at least be polite enough to call you ahead of time and say they cannot make the timing.


08 Jul 2019

1've signed at 11:45pm at Borriwers home to accomodate Title and Lender to meet "drop dead' rate date..... once you begin a sugning befire midnight, that is the signing date throughout. It was my personal "break thru" to that sought after Title client.... they are still with me after nine years

Jacqueline Angela Stokes

10 Aug 2021

Hello everyone. I am a FULL TIME, 24/7 Certified Signing Agent. In MY business, I HAVE to be READY for ANY surprises, from a cluttered, chaotic home to the most beautiful and calm. When entering into people's homes, we are entering into THEIR world, the unknown, and NEED to be like a chameleon and adapt to ANY situation. I also make the call that is the BEST AND SAFEST for ME, the Signing Agent. NEVER losing composure. We DO NOT want to add fuel to the fire, whether entering into a good or bad situation. And we SURELY DO NOT want to return to the situation because of a mistake on our part. Remain neutral, you are only there for a short time. THINK positve and do the BEST job possible within SAFETY means. STAY POSITIVE, SAFE and HAPPY and USE YOUR INSTINCT 100% of the time. We are ALL blessed to have a GREAT job Thank you to all whom are my clients for the job security!🙂

Evelyn Christine Wilson

10 Aug 2021

I agree

Ivette Colon

12 Aug 2021

All great points. So great to know about that "drop dead"" rate date if the signing goes beyond 12 midnight . I never considered I would be in a signing at 12 midnight.

Irvin D

01 Aug 2022

#3 Mistakes Notaries Should Avoid. Complaining My clients share with me all the time that other notaries they have gone to have a document notarized charged them between $25 - $35 to notarize one document and the client traveled to them. I know this because I asked them did they come to you or did you go to them, and the answer overwhelmingly is I went to them. I often say to the client that is an exorbitant charge for 1 document to be notarized and that in Pennsylvania we are only supposed to charge $5 per notarized document. I do not consider my comment a complaint but just acknowledging what as a notary we as notaries are allowed to charge our clients per notarized document.

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