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Notaries: Stress Levels Affected By Where You Live

A Notary’s stress level can be affected by the state in which he or she resides.

Hostile signers, time-sucking traffic jams and tax forms looming sky-high can distress all of us, but people in some U.S. states are far more anxious than others, according to a new online study.

Since there is one Notary for every 72 people in the country, there’s no doubt that your state’s stress level directly affects you.

Researchers at, a mental health coaching company, asked 3,000 participants across the U.S. to answer behavioral questions meant to measure regional levels of nervousness, happiness and energy.

“In the study, we asked probing mind-body questions that helped us determine optimal patterns of sleep and mood, work and recovery,” says study architect Alejandro Foung, CEO of Lantern. “We also assessed participants’ social lives and body image beliefs to help define anxiety levels.”

Participants were ranked on several other self-help categories, such as closeness with loved ones and volunteerism. The ones who ranked highest were found to be superior at “recharging and unwinding.”

10 Most Balanced States

The 10 states ranked highest on Lantern’s “Emotional Balance” index for 2015:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Indiana
  3. Louisiana
  4. Kansas
  5. Arkansas
  6. Nevada
  7. Georgia
  8. New Jersey
  9. Rhode Island
  10. Oklahoma

Why is New Hampshire the most balanced state? A quick Internet search shows that it offers a high standard of living, very low unemployment levels and one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Of course, it does get lots of snow, but that just means more snow days.

10 Most Anxious States in the U.S. 

The 10 states ranked lowest on the “Emotional Balance” index for 2015 are: 

  1. Utah
  2. Texas
  3. Alaska
  4. Arizona
  5. South Dakota
  6. Wyoming
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Washington
  9. Nebraska
  10. Vermont

Incidentally, California ranked 26th, right after Tennessee. Florida came in 14th and New York 21st.

Take a similar, free online assessment to self-evaluate your levels of “emotional balance” and learn practical strategies — like meditation, talk therapy and journaling — to help you deal with notarial challenges, such as unpermitted methods of identification, difficult signers, or a missing Notary journal.

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