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NNA Offers Free Notary Training For Veterans At 2014 Conference

To support our troops facing the difficult task of reentering civilian career paths, the National Notary Association is offering complimentary Notary training to veterans Monday, June 2, 2014 at the NNA 2014 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

West Virginia Latest State To Increase Notary Fees

Starting July 1, West Virginia will become the latest state to raise the amount Notaries may charge for their services — increasing the maximum Notary fee from $2 to $5.

What Would You Do: The Case Of The Racial Slur

A man mutters a racially offensive slur to a customer in your office, then requests your services. Do you hold your tongue and perform the notarization, or would you outright refuse it?

Arkansas Launches Electronic Notarization Program

Notaries in Arkansas can now apply for a special commission to electronically notarize documents, according to an April 2 announcement by Secretary of State Mark Martin.