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Son Stepped Up To Help Mom's Notary Business While She Battled Breast Cancer

Sherry Flynn

When Sherry Flynn found out she had breast cancer, she didn’t know how she would keep her mobile Notary business going. But her son, Thomas — also a Notary — came through and saved the day for her, she says.​

Flynn, who lives and works in Silver Springs, Nevada, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in late 2011. Despite having to go through a grueling chemotherapy regimen, she was determined to keep her business going — but it was a lot harder than she first thought. Chemotherapy left her severely weakened and disoriented, which made it difficult to drive and complete loan document signings.

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“I did not want to lose business from the signing companies I work for,” Flynn said, “but I was having trouble concentrating on all the paperwork, phone calls, emails and printing.” But her son Thomas — who worked as a Notary part-time in addition to a job at a healthcare facility in Reno — came to Silver Springs in the spring of 2012 to help care for Flynn and offered to assist her with signings during her chemotherapy. He drove Flynn to assignments, attended document signings with her, helped check paperwork for mistakes and ensured that completed loan packages were mailed properly. “He was my co-pilot on my signings,” she says.

While Flynn is still getting checked regularly, her prognosis is looking good. Her doctor reports that the cancer was removed successfully. “There’s a chance I may get cancer again — but my doctor says never in that spot,” Flynn says. Her mobile Notary business is still prospering and Thomas has returned to college to work toward a career as a healthcare counselor for special needs patients — but he still takes on occasional notarizations.

“He was such a blessing to me,” Flynn said. “I literally could not have continued on with my business without him.”

Notaries who want to fight breast cancer can help by donating to the National Notary Foundation’s Linda Bazar Breast Cancer Fund. One hundred percent of all donations are given directly to breast cancer research programs.

Notaries can also contribute to the fight against breast cancer by purchasing a limited-edition Notary journal that displays your support for breast cancer awareness. A $5 donation will be made to the Linda Bazar Breast Cancer Fund for every journal purchased.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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Janelle Roberts

20 Oct 2014

What a great son to do this for his Mother. Kuddos Thomas and Prayers to you Sherry!

B.G. Slade

20 Oct 2014

Blessings flow all day every day and this was a blessing easily seen.

D. Justin

20 Oct 2014

Congrats Sherry. And there's "no" chance of cancer's return when we claim by faith that "we are healed, to bless it and release it". "Speak life not death". Continued health Sherry. And God Bless your son. That's what the word family means..."I got you" :-) :-)

Heather Cosgrove

20 Oct 2014

Very sweet of your son. You must be a awesome mother!

Teresa Lajavardi

20 Oct 2014

So happy you are feeling better. And God Bless your Son for being there!

Debbie Ross

20 Oct 2014

Speak the words "My cancer is cured, I no longer have cancer".. Having a positive attitude and never feeling sorry for yourself is really important. May God bless you and your wonderful son. Enjoy every day of this wonderful life.

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