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Assessing Insurance Needs For Your Notary Business

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or starting a new Notary business, it’s wise to review your insurance coverage to make sure all your liability bases are covered.

WWYD Answer: The Case Of The Crowded Journal

Last week, we posed a scenario, The Case Of The Crowded Journal, about a California Notary who ran out of room to record entries in the middle of a notarization. The question was: Do you use your spouse’s journal, stop the notarizations or try to find another solution?

Commentary: The SPW And How We Got Here

The new requirements of background checks, training, certification and oversight coming from the Signing Professionals Workgroup (SPW) seem to have taken many by surprise, but they actually have been in the works ever since 1999.

A History Of Consumer Protection (Infographic)

Notaries Public play a key role in protecting signers from document and identify fraud; we are the fabric of consumer protection in America. In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week (March 2 - 8), Lexington Law created this infographic highlighting the history of consumer rights and improvements.

NNA 2014 Conference Schedule Now Available

The NNA 2014 Conference schedule is now available online to help you plan your time at the premiere annual event for U.S. Notaries June 1-4 in Phoenix, Arizona.

What Would You Do: The Case Of The Crowded Journal

Imagine you are notarizing signatures on multiple documents for a customer. In the middle of the assignment, you realize you have filled your entire journal — but you still have several more notarizations to record only now there’s no room for any more entries.

Hotline Tip: Dealing With An Out-Of-State Venue

I have been asked to notarize a Deed of Trust for a property in Virginia. As the acknowledgment is prefilled with the state of Virginia and the county therein, can I notarize this document as a Florida Notary?