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What Would You Do: The Case Of The Crowded Journal

journal-handwriting.jpgThe NNA Hotline receives hundreds of calls daily from Notaries nationwide who find themselves in challenging signing situations. To help boost your knowledge of Notary Best Practices, we have created hypothetical scenarios based on actual signings, and ask you to weigh in on how you would handle them.

Imagine you are notarizing signatures on multiple documents for a customer. In the middle of the assignment, you realize you have filled your entire journal — but you still have several more notarizations to record only now there’s no room for any more entries. You also haven’t had a chance to get a new journal. But state law requires you to record every notarization. As luck would have it, your spouse also is a Notary, and his journal is in a nearby desk.

What Would You Do? Do you use your spouse’s journal, stop the notarizations or try to find another solution?

To participate in this week’s “What Would You Do” scenario, share your answer with the NNA Facebook Community. We may mention your response in an upcoming Bulletin, when we offer the best possible answer(s) to this unusual notarial challenge.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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