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Mobile Notary tip: Getting repeat business

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Updated 6-21-23. When you are in business as a mobile Notary, it's very important to get repeat customers — including those that need notarizations regularly such as title companies, signing services, local attorneys and hospitals as well as consumers. 

Repeat customers can become great advocates for your business. A steady flow of repeat customers can also help keep your marketing budget within sensible means. Here's how you earn their business:

Building a loyal customer base

In order to maintain that steady flow of repeat customers, it helps to invest time and energy into building your reputation through customer service and some commonsense activities. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Know what’s important to your customer. Each customer is different. Some customers, for example, want a lot of communication via text while others want all communication to take place via a website. If you don’t know already, find out what you can do to make your customer's job a little easier.
  2. Ask for a glowing review. If you are doing great work for a company and they are constantly using your service, sometimes it is as easy as simply asking if they would do a review for you. In addition, Notaries that offer mobile services to the general public can really take advantage of this tip. Customers that need mobile Notary services often just need one or two documents notarized. These customers usually use the internet to find a great dining experience, home contractors, electricians and, of course, Notary services. These customers also are more likely to rate the convenience of using your services, which in turn will yield you more business.
  3. Write a glowing review about the companies you want a review from. I have interviewed several scheduling managers from title as well as signing companies. The great ones read reviews of their companies at least once or twice a month. If one of your clients is treating you well, giving you lots of assignments and paying you in a timely manner, write a glowing review about them. You would be surprised at how many glowing reviews about your service will pop up everywhere.
  4. Build great professional networks. Under the right circumstances, this is a great way to get referral customers. If you spend the time to network and build professional relationships with businesses in your community, they will refer their customers to you. I have notarized documents in post offices, shipping and photocopy stores, banks, hospitals and more, all from referrals from these companies.
  5. Sponsor a charity event in your area. Every year a group of Notaries in my area sponsors an event where the general public donates to a local food bank. We advertise this on social media pages as well as on our websites. One Notary I know has offered free notarizations to federal employees during government shutdowns. This is a great way to give back to your community and standout in your profession as a business leader. People want to do business not only with great businesses but with great people. I have personally received referrals from clients who have told me that they love our community consciousness.
  6. Invite your customers to your Social Media Business Page.  Keeping an active positive presence on your business social media page (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) will help to keep your brand top of mind with your customer. Posting short videos about the importance of using a Notary in transactions is a perfect way to brand along with educate your customers about using notaries. Make sure to link your social media page to your website.  This really helps with your rankings as a Notary service provider in your area. 
  7. Give outstanding service. What does it mean to give outstanding service as a Notary entrepreneur?  First, you must know what your customers’ basic expectations are when using your Notary service. Once you know what their basic expectations are you must then work to exceed those expectations. Common mistakes seasoned Notaries make is assuming they already give outstanding customer service and not making simple adjustments to how they provide their current service. If you keep making small improvements to how you service your customer you will see the positive effects to your bottom line month after month.   

Walmart founder Sam Walton once said, “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Staying connected with your customers and understanding their “customer experience” will play an important part in building a stable business that you can be proud of.

Daniel Lewis of Carmel, Indiana, is the founder of Lewis Notary Services, Inc., a nationwide scheduling service. He is the 2010 NNA Notary of the Year and also the co-author of the Notary business guidebook, "Make Your Business Our Business."

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Pamela Fender

19 Dec 2016

I'd like to read this

Andree LaBarge

28 Jan 2019

Continue education, is very important in any career. Thanks, for the helpful tips.

Vicki Kelly

06 Jan 2020

Great Tips. Marketing yourself is very important.

Patricia Mabry

07 Jun 2021

This was great information shared and I look forward to reading more and obtaining knowledge along the way.

Charmaine Jackson

07 Jun 2021

I love these notary tips!! Very helpful! Thank You!! 😊

Jeffrey Booth

07 Jun 2021

In reading about becoming a Ron what are the charges and fee’s and if you sign up on a platform do they get the signings for you ?

National Notary Association

08 Jun 2021

Hello. Charges and fees vary depending on the provider. Some providers do allow Notaries to sign up to accept remote online notarization requests from customers contacting the provider.

Frank J Barrere

23 May 2022

Answer your phone. I have called many notaries only to find they don't answer their phones. You cannot make a sale without interaction.

Yvette G Brown

12 Apr 2023

@FrankJBarrere! Absolutely agree with your comment. I’ve called other notaries when I’ve been unavailable to service a customer and not only did they not answer the call. No one called me back. I see many notaries on social media saying I want a mentor/coach/friend. The most important thing is be available during your business hours. Call/follow up goes far.

Elevena Baker

03 Jul 2023

Thanks for such Great Information

Cathy Lewis Johnson

03 Jul 2023

The article was very interesting and informative. I will use these tips. Thank you!

Vincent Hoesl

08 Jul 2023

The clients need to communicate more so I can actually know their needs

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