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Notary Bulletin

Four Tips For Setting Up A More Efficient Home Office

While home offices are a great option for highly motivated Notary entrepreneurs, ensuring your work space is efficient and successful takes more than stocking the right supplies and equipment.

Hotline Tip: How To Check A Company's Reputation

A company keeps sending me notarization appointment emails but I’m wondering if it's a real company. If I supply the information I have, can you please check to see if it's a reputable company?

More Companies Seeking NNA-Trained Notaries

To meet growing demand for qualified Notaries, ValuEscrow, Inc. has joined other companies in seeking out NNA-trained individuals to join their networks of Notaries handling loan signings.

New Mortgage Signing Standards: The Annual Background Screenings

The Certified Signing Specialist Standards announced last week by the Signing Professionals Workgroup have generated considerable discussion, and one of the more talked-about components is the annual background screening.