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Notary Bulletin

New Mortgage Signing Standards: Script FAQ

Many Notaries have asked questions about the signing script requirement in the Signing Professionals Workgroup Standards announced in October. We’ve answered some of the common questions below.

What Would You Do: The Case Of The Missing Figures

A customer comes to you for a notarization, and he is a bit anxious. The two of you begin to go through the stack of well-organized paperwork, until you come across a promissory note that is missing important information.

NNA 2013 Holiday Video

On behalf of everyone at the NNA, we wish you Happy Holidays!

Hotline Tip: Journal Entries For Multiple Documents

I have been asked to notarize three different types of documents, all for the same signer. Do I need to create three separate journal entries, or can I simply list all three document types in the appropriate journal column?

Through The Eyes Of A Signing Agent

For Danielle Finger of San Francisco, California, life is a juggling act. In addition to working as a full-time paralegal, she has maintained a career as a Notary Public, taking on loan signing assignments since 2003.

CFPB: Simpler Mortgage Disclosure Forms Coming In 2015

New mortgage disclosure forms that will potentially make loan signings run smoother will be rolled out in 2015, according to an announcement last month by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Notary Maria Torres-Lopez: Serving Her Community, One Client At A Time

When Maria Torres-Lopez first began performing notarizations as a small part of her job at Bank of America, she didn’t realize it would eventually lead to a full-time career. She now runs her own business, providing a variety of services to clients in her Florida town.