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Five Tips For Starting Your Own Notary Business

Notary Business Tips

Our 2009 NNA Notary of the Year, Elaine Wright, takes pride in educating and mentoring other Notaries. Whether you are looking to take your Notary career to the next level as a Notary Signing Agent, or are considering opening a small business that includes Notary services, she has the following advice to offer.

1. Decide Your Location: Home Office Or Brick-and-Mortar?

While it may come with daily distractions, a home office is a low-overhead option for self-motivated entrepreneurs, who want to create their own flexible hours and receive valuable tax write-offs. But you’re also likely to pay out of pocket for marketing, accounting, tech support, and health insurance premiums. With a brick-and-mortar business model, you can benefit from the sense of reliability that comes with having a physical store, as well as increased walk-in business if located in a high-traffic space. Capital and overhead costs can be greater and business hours might be more limited than a home office, but some professionals prefer the storefront structure.

2. Choose The Most Suitable Legal Business Structure

The legal structure you choose for your business determines the taxes you will pay, how much paperwork you will be required to complete, and your level of personal liability. Wright recommends this Entrepreneur article, which delves into the differences between the four major business structures: sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), and corporations.

3. Create Your Brand And Market To Sell

The best branding when selling a service is to offer a viable solution to clients. Instead of simply stating that you perform notarizations, consider what sets your service apart: Do you specialize in providing prompt, convenient services around the clock? Or perhaps you’re particularly discreet and impartial, or you’re highly experienced and deliver efficient and error-free service. Decide which characteristics are most desirable to your target clientele, and be consistent in marketing those selling points in all of your marketing materials, including your business cards, brochures, flyers, website, online business listings, or newspaper advertisements.

4. Maximize Your Tools Of The Trade

Nothing slows down a notarization quicker than a jammed printer or otherwise avoidable technical hitches. When considering which products and supplies to purchase, factor not only price, but reliability. Consider having a back-up device for the items you use most, like a printer or copier — or invest in high-quality items built to last. You can get supply recommendations from Notary colleagues via the NNA’s LinkedIn discussion boards.

5. Review Your Business Plan — And Adjust It Accordingly

Successful businesses don’t happen accidently — they take planning, reviewing and analyzing, then more planning, reviewing and analyzing!

  • Assess Financial Requirements: Wright recommends planning for and examining the cost of both setting up and maintaining your Notary business before you launch, to make sure it’s a viable idea — and one you can afford.
  • Analyze Business Performance: Keep accurate daily and monthly records, which will help you examine your business activity and prepare your tax records come April.
  • Make Adjustments Where Necessary: Are you spending too much on ads and receiving little to no return on your investment? Do you have enough earnings to invest in better equipment? Determine necessary changes, and be swift, strategic and flexible in your responses.

While these steps represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to launching your own Notary business, they offer a good starting point. “Stay abreast of industry changes,” Wright further recommends, which can be done through continuing education courses, attending conferences, joining associations, and networking with colleagues through professional Notary Forums, such as those offered on LinkedInFacebook, or Twitter.


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Margaret Moroz

29 Sep 2014

I want to learn about the income possibilities for a traveling notary public.

National Notary Association

29 Sep 2014

Hi Margaret! You can find additional articles about alternative income opportunities for Notaries at the following link:


22 Oct 2014

gud day im planning to have a traveling notary business i want to learned more about this

National Notary Association

23 Oct 2014

Hello! We have additional articles on building a business available at the following link: Best of luck with your efforts!

Michael Macaluso

23 Oct 2014

I want to purchase a notory public company in Palm Beach county if yes contact me at email

michael a macaluso

23 Oct 2014

I want to purchase a notory public company in Palm Beach co. If interested Contact me at my email

Anna Russo

20 May 2015

I would like more information on how to start a mobile notary company.

Noemi Orozco

17 Jan 2017

I'd like to obtain information about opening an at home notary business. I am bilingual and live close to a military base. I'm planning being open on the weekends until business picks up. Any idea or guides I can follow? Can you think of anything I am not thinking about? Do I have to pay fees to the city or state? Where can I learn about these courses I have to take?

National Notary Association

18 Jan 2017

Hi Noemi. If you are bilingual, be aware that most states have strict restrictions regarding advertising Notary services in languages other than English, due to the high number of cases of con artists who offer fraudulent immigration services using foreign-language titles such as "Notario Publico." For more information, please see this article: If you are interested in additional training or certification, please visit and click "Training and Education" at the top of the page.

Glenda Rooney

04 Apr 2017

Just want to say for those of you looking to becoming a mobile notary - I have been one for quite a few years. NNA is the place to taking your training! They are the experts in this field. Good luck to all the future notaries. It's an awesome career and you it's wonderful to be your own boss!

Tawanna Robinson

28 Apr 2017

I'm trying to start my own notary and I'm not sure where to start first, this will be my first start up company and Its a little confusing. Any suggestions?

Jerri Lippert

22 Sep 2017

Good information!

Rolling Notary

27 Sep 2017

Noemi - good question, but I suggest you check with or your local authority. There are limits to what you can do or charge military personnel

Liz Shearer

02 Nov 2017

I have been thinking about becoming a notary for a while now. The more I look into it the more questions I have. Becoming a notary seems to be the easy part. Having proper insurance, business plans, extra education for specifics like loan docs etc. I would love to ask some of my questions to an experienced notary and get a little guidance.


16 Jan 2018

I want to start my own notary business but are confused on where to start and how to write a business plan any advise?

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