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Grow your Notary business with social media marketing

Updated 12-1-23. Marketing a Notary business through social media is essential for both newcomers and veterans, but learning how to successfully connect with customers online, like performing a notarization, can be trickier than it looks. 

Being active on social media can connect mobile Notaries to larger pools of potential clients and help them disseminate information and build credibility as a teacher and a coach, said Sonita Leak, a Greenville, South Carolina Notary and social media expert, in an NNA 2020 Online video. It can also present a minefield, because the wrong post shared with the wrong attitude can greatly harm a business.

Leak used social media platforms to grow her own business into a thriving regional enterprise, and others can too, she said. “Just remember,” she said. “Social media marketing is a reflection of you.”

In order to grow your mobile Notary brand through social media, you’ll need to understand what social media marketing is and understand your audience.

What is social media marketing?

Social media is really any electronic platform, including websites, where users create online communities to share messages, Leak said, and it should be a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Before you step into the fray, remember that social media marketing isn’t just posting randomly on platforms. There are many behind-the-scenes factors that go into a successful strategy:

First, consider how you want to portray yourself. What is your professional identity and how does it differ from other mobile Notaries in your area? Perform a search and see who is listed on the first page of Google results — is the field already crowded with a bunch of Notaries? That’s more likely if you live in a large metropolitan area than a smaller, rural community, Leak said.

Also, assess what you want out of the platform. You may know who you are, but you need a clear picture of what you’re seeking from the people with whom you engage. What services do you want to offer? Do you specialize in certain types of assignments, such as loan signings, or do you offer many types of notarization services? What you want out of the encounter will guide you in what you should post.

Tips for setting up your social media profiles

Create a separate account for your business rather than relying on your personal profile, particularly on Facebook, to promote your services and expand your professional network. Keep posts professional and engaging on your business page.

On LinkedIn, connect with other Notaries, title companies, real estate agents, local banks, hospital administrative staff, law offices, and any other potential client. Make sure that your profile is completely filled out and that "Notary" or "Signing Agent" appears in your job title, summary, employment history or skills so that your profile can be found in search results.

Join a few relevant groups and get involved in their discussions. The National Notary Association hosts a few LinkedIn groups for Notaries to share advice and information. Look for groups related to your immediate community so you can make connections with other local business owners in your area. Craft a short note to introduce yourself to potential business partners and offer your services as a resource should these businesses require a Notary in the future.

Know your audience

Leak receives calls from sons and daughters of seniors, so she markets to younger folks instead of the elderly because they’re the ones searching and making the calls. Also, sick and shut-in customers will reach out to others to do their research, she said.

She also advised Notaries to specialize, even if they’re the only ones in town. Leak ended up specializing in serving people who couldn’t write but were still of sound mind. Just read your state’s rules and know what you can and cannot, do. You can become the one person in town who is able to help someone.

The world sees what you post on social media, so take care. Foster positivity. A good way to do this is by posting about the positive results of your work. Social media can be an important tool in building a positive brand image: “Social media content helped my community see my career was so much more than stamping stuff,” Leak said.

Final thoughts

Always list the specific cities and state where you work, because often there are multiple cities around the country with the same name, like Leak’s own “Greenville.”

And always practice good, online etiquette and posting techniques.

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Lula Harris

24 Aug 2020

I'm interested in the social media program


28 Aug 2020

I'm interested in the social media program

07 Jun 2021

Awesome Video!!! How can I contact you for assistance with my Social media marketing?

Freda Archie

02 Aug 2021

I want enlarge my media social media skills and become a online signing agent

Richard Jackson

02 Aug 2021

I just hired someone to start this for me but I want to know what I should be looking for to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts?

National Notary Association

12 Aug 2021

Hello. You can check after your online marketing is set up to see if you are getting a satisfactory number of responses and requests for notarization assignments. If you find that you are not getting a satisfactory number of responses, you may wish to consider modifying your marketing approach.


02 Aug 2021

Awesome Video!!! How can I contact you for assistance with my Social media marketing?


02 Aug 2021

How much do you charge a notary?

National Notary Association

05 Aug 2021

Hello. Different states have different fee schedules for Notaries. Can you tell us what state you are located in, please?

Teddy Suss

07 Aug 2023

I just watched your video. The information was great and concise and you are very easy to listen to and follow. Thank you for doing this....-TED

National Notary Association

08 Aug 2023

Thanks, we're glad you found the video helpful!

David V Fuentes

11 Aug 2023

I’ve recieved 100’s of calls from “customers” asking how much do I charge per signature, as “David” above did in 08/02/21 and my response is: in California the fee per signer is $15.00 they say “thank you” and hung up! Obviously most of this callers want to know if I charge more than what the State mandates all notaries in California should charge. So they can do it too. No it doesn’t work that way, fellow notaries. Some other times they say: “I have a question” or “what is the process”? “How is that done”. Why are they not honest and ask properly: “hey I am a new notary and I don’t know what I am doing, can you help me? One colleague asked me how do I do an Apostille request, after I told him the whole process, he then said: “I will send you the customer but I want $50 dollars referral fee”. I said, send me the customer but forget about your referral fee, I am not going to over charge a customer because you don’t know what you are doing and don’t want to learn, and on top you want easy money. Forget it dude! Imagine the nerve of this fellow..🤨

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