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Public Blames Industry, Government For Housing Crisis

A recent survey by ID Analytics revealed that consumers place most of the responsibility for the 2008 economic disaster and subsequent slow recovery squarely on the mortgage industry.

Robo Tally: $34 Billion To Date

To date, financial institutions have been hit with more than $34 billion in fines and settlement costs.

Hotline Tip: Which Name Goes On The Signature Block?

We have a client who will be signing a deed that will transfer her property from herself, as an unmarried woman, to herself and her new husband, using her new, married name. Her current ID contains her new name, which she will be using for the signing, and she does not have an ID containing her previous, maiden name. Should the signature block on the deed be prepared for her current name, and, if so, can I use “FKA” (formerly known as) to indicate her maiden name on the document as well?