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Expert Tips For Landing A Job Using Social Media

According to a recent Careerbuilder survey, 37% percent of employers now use social media platforms to screen potential job seekers — and that number is likely to rise. Implementing specific strategies using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms can help escalate your career search and broaden your professional opportunities.

Show Good 'Face' On Facebook
Your Facebook page reveals cues about your personality, your ability to get along with others, and your work ethic. Experts say that profiles showing friendly, conscientious people are more attractive to employers than those who use Facebook to badmouth previous employers. Use the platform as a strategic networking opportunity. Let your “friend” network know you are searching for a new position, so they can help you spread the word. With Facebook nearing the billion-member mark, it’s likely your next boss has a profile — and may come across yours.

‘Tweet’ Strategically
Use Twitter not only to access real-time news stories, product releases, or other information impacting your industry, but also to follow corporations or firms where you are interested in working. Open dialogues with professional colleagues about banking regulations, for example, or identity theft, corporate risk management, and other topics that specifically impact Notaries in the financial sector. Many mobile Notaries use their Twitter accounts to directly promote their business and share useful tips and law updates. Treat your Twitter handle as a “branding” of yourself – make sure your photo, profile name, and biography all portray a positive, professional image.

Get LinkedIn — And Link Up
Many employers now review LinkedIn profiles of potential candidates, and job-seekers often include their profiles on their resumes. Keep your Linked in profile professional and use the platform to connect with colleagues that share your same professional values. Along with your current resume, post positive recommendations from managers, colleagues or clients, and offer similar praises for others. This illustrates a high-caliber professional network, which may appeal to your potential next boss. Update your profile periodically to illustrate new skills, certifications or other potential career enhancements.

As the job hunt continues to get more digital, creating a strategic online presence can open the doors to more and better opportunities. As always, Notaries should exercise caution in protecting the personal and private information of both themselves and their clients when utilizing social media platforms.

Moses Keshishian is the Social Media Specialist with the National Notary Association.

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