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Notary Bulletin

Q&A: Protecting Personal Information

The Financial and Corporate Services Section spoke toMichael Gier, identity theft expert and host of the Web TV show about emerging trends in ID theft and how Notaries can play their part in combating fraud.

Q&A: Spotting And Preventing Healthcare ID Scams

The Healthcare Professionals Section spoke with Linda Webb, President of Contego Services Group, on how using simple techniques can help Notaries and other healthcare workers stop medical-related ID scams.

Second Wave Of Foreclosures Still To Come

A new wave of foreclosures is about to hit the housing market and it could well be greater than the surge of recent years, according to a report issued by the Center for Responsible Lending.

Notary Of The Year Nominations To Close December 30

The National Notary Association reminds all Notaries and employers to submit their nominations for the 2012 Notary of the Year award before the final deadline of 5 p.m. on Friday, December 30.

Q&A: Emerging Immigration Trends And How Notaries Help Ensure Compliance

With the federal crackdown on Notario fraudand the passing of many new state immigration laws, Notaries in the immigration sector are navigating an ever-changing landscape when it comes to protecting consumers from scams and helping businesses ensure compliance. The Immigration Section spoke with Alabama Immigration Attorney Carol Armstrong, whose law firm represents both businesses and individual foreign nationals in the immigration process, about emerging trends, ways in which Notaries can help combat immigration assistance scams, and the challenges companies face in complying with stringent immigration laws.