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NNA Concerns Grow Over 'Robo-Signing' Crisis, Offers Support To Notaries, Supervisors

Amid the continuing revelations of improper notarial practices emerging from the nationwide “robo-signing” crisis — and the growing criminal and civil liabilities — the National Notary Association is increasing its outreach to Notaries and their supervisors with critical guidance on proper notarial procedures and reducing corporate risk.

“The NNA has an ongoing concern that Notaries are not being properly trained and, as a result, many companies and their employees are facing massive civil and criminal penalties,” NNA Chief Executive Officer Marc Reiser said. “With so many states facing budget issues, the responsibility for that training is left to the individual Notary and employer. The NNA is here to offer that support.”

The foreclosure crisis has prompted the financial industry and corporate boards to place risk management and liability protection at the top of their list of priorities, with a greater emphasis placed on Notary education. Reiser pointed to the NNA’s Trusted Notary and Notary Supervisor Training programs as key resources available to the financial industry— and to Notaries nationwide — to help ensure their notarizations are compliant with state laws and best practices, thereby reducing their exposure to risk.

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