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North Carolina Shuts Down Private Agency Suspected Of Notarizing Blank Vehicle Documents

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has shut down a privately-run license plate agency after the manager and an employee were arrested on suspicion of notarizing blank vehicle title documents which could be used to fraudulently transfer ownership of vehicles.

While the investigation continues, the agency’s manager and an employee have been charged with a total of nine felony counts of Notary fraud, according to a September 9 statement issued by the DMV. The two suspects were released on written promises to appear in court.

Privately run licensing agencies contract with the state to provide services such as vehicle registrations, license plate renewals and title transfers.

The NNA reminds Notaries that they should never notarize blank or incomplete documents, as these documents could be completed later outside the Notary’s presence with false information in order to perpetrate fraud.

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