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Notary Bulletin

Hotline Tip: How To Take A Thumbprint

The NNA recommends that Notaries obtain a thumbprint from every signer because of its value in deterring fraud. Here’s how to do it.

Jump in Mortgage Fraud Affirms Importance of Notary Journal Records

Reports of suspected mortgage fraud jumped 31 percent in the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same period last year, and many of the new cases were discovered amid increased scrutiny of loans originated during the final years of the real estate boom.

'Notario'-Type Fraud Can Target Any Immigrant Community

While Spanish-speaking immigrants are the most well-known targets of “Notario Publico” fraud, they aren’t the only victims. State law enforcement officials warn that any immigrant group can be targeted by con artists offering phony immigration services.

Hotline Tip: Can I Accept A 'Matricula Consular' Card As Valid Identification?

A couple recently came to me seeking to notarize a lien. They both have Matricula Consular cards, and the wife has a Mexican Postal Employee ID that includes her eye color, hair color, issue date, photograph, signature, and expiration date. Can I use these as acceptable forms of identification?

NNA and FTC Encourage Notaries To Use Complaint System To Report 'Notario' Abuse

As part of its ongoing efforts to protect consumers from fraud, the NNA has been working with Federal Trade Commission officials to encourage Notaries to report individuals or businesses engaging in the unauthorized practice of immigration law via a link on the NNA’s “Important Differences Between U.S. Notaries and Notarios” Resource Page.

Oregon, Ohio Declare Webcam Notarizations Unacceptable

Ohio and Oregon have joined a growing number of states declaring remote webcam notarizations are not permitted and that a signer’s physical appearance before a Notary is required for all notarial acts.