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Notary Bulletin

Nonattorney Notaries Must Obey Laws Regulating Foreign Language Ads

Con artists often advertise using the Spanish title “Notario Publico” or other foreign-language equivalents to pretend they can offer legal advice to immigrants. Because of this, nonattorney Notaries must always strictly adhere to state laws when advertising notarial services in other languages.

Notary Reforms Hitting Several Countries

A Notary reform movement is taking hold around the globe as a number of countries have started implementing significant improvements to their notarial practices and procedures that should make doing business in those countries easier and more efficient.

Properly Handling Living Wills and Durable Healthcare Powers Of Attorney

Living wills and durable healthcare powers of attorney are most commonly encountered by Notaries working in the healthcare industry — but these documents are different from last wills and testaments, and they sometimes have special notarization requirements.

Q&A: Job Trends For Notaries In Healthcare

The Healthcare Professionals Section spoke with John Fulcher, Director of Healthcare Recruiting for Bauer Consulting Group in El Paso, Texas, about job trends for Notaries in the healthcare industry.

Recommended Notary Practices: Establishing A Signer's Willingness

The Notary’s job doesn’t begin and end with simply verifying a signer’s identity; another key responsibility of the Notary is to ensure that the signer is willingly signing the documents that are being notarized and is not being pressured to do so by other individuals.

Sentencing Highlights Penalties Notaries Face For Engaging In Notario Activities

An Indianapolis woman who admitted to advertising herself as a Notario Publico and providing immigration services without being a licensed attorney was sentenced to one year of probation and 40 hours of community service after pleading guilty to charges related to her unauthorized practice of immigration law and tax evasion.

Immigration Section Advisor: Stephen Yale-Loehr

An Adjunct Professor at Cornell University Law School, Stephen Yale-Loehr is one of the nation's preeminent authorities on U.S. immigration and asylum law, as well as a practicing immigration attorney with over 25 years experience.

Judge Orders Attorney To Study Notary Laws And Regulations

An attorney who notarized court affidavits without requiring the personal appearance of his signers has been ordered by a judge to hit the books and educate himself — and his entire staff — on state notarial laws and regulations.