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NNA White Paper: Employers Should Create A Management And Oversight Plan For Their Notaries

The NNA has released a new White Paper entitled “An Employer’s Guide to Managing Its Notary Workforce,” which provides guidance to organizations that employ Notaries on how to properly supervise, educate, and manage their Notary-employees. It addresses how creating and implementing an effective Notary management and oversight plan can ensure proper notarial procedures and protect a company against liability.

The White Paper is part of the NNA’s Notary Supervisor Training Program; which is designed to help organizations increase workplace efficiency while mitigating risk, as companies that employ Notaries can ultimately be held responsible for flawed notarial acts performed by their staff.

While appropriately trained and supervised Notaries can reduce an organization’s exposure to risk and fraud, inadequately trained Notaries or improper notarizations can jeopardize a company’s reputation, impact its profitability, and cause legal problems.

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