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Q&A: Job Trends For Notaries In Healthcare

The healthcare industry offers a wide variety of employment opportunities — but what locations and specialties offer the most potential for Notaries? The Healthcare Professionals Section spoke with John Fulcher, Director of Healthcare Recruiting for Bauer Consulting Group in El Paso, Texas, about job trends for Notaries in the healthcare industry.

What areas have the most opportunities available for Notaries seeking work in healthcare office management?
The majority of the opportunities I have seen within the healthcare field have been in academic settings at the university level — for example, positions in office administration at nursing and health sciences schools within a college or university. Also, many medical offices often have positions available for office administrators in areas such as Outpatient Surgery or Diagnostic Imaging.

What regions in the United States have seen the greatest demand for healthcare office professionals?
I would say the Northeast is currently seeing the most demand among the healthcare office professional positions. I’ve seen a lot of positions open in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

What positions have the most use for applicants with Notary commissions?
Positions where a Notary commission is useful include administrative and executive assistants, legal assistants, and claims examiners.

What kind of training and experience should a Notary have to find work?
They should be well-versed in proper notarial procedures, state laws, and ethics. They also need to keep up with fraud trends, like medical identity theft and the warning signs to look for. I think the NNA is a leading educator of Notaries and provides the most comprehensive training options available.

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