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2011 Conference Isn't Only For Notaries

Conference 2011 is themed “Managing Risks In Today’s World” — but those risks affect not only Notaries but their bosses, too. That’s why this year’s Conference is adding a full set of programs specially tailored for business owners and managers to prevent workplace lawsuits.

Managers will learn alongside their Notary-employees everything they need to know about best notarial practices and how to use them to protect their businesses from costly court battles. Workshops include how to properly supervise employees, make sure business policies match state law, better manage customer service and more. Whether you are a Notary or employ them, Conference programs will show you the best path to ensure full compliance with ethics and law.

The 2011 Conference will be particularly important for Notaries and employers in light of an historical Illinois Supreme Court ruling in October. Notaries are being thrust to a new level of accountability based on the Court’s ruling that the “Notary alone is liable” for his or her improprieties. The Court also ruled, however, that an employee-Notary’s misdeed could create liability for the employer.

Attendees can also speak with top notarial experts, share experiences with colleagues, get the latest news from keynote sessions by industry leaders, and participate in open-forum discussions. What’s more, Notaries who work in challenging industries such as real estate, law, immigration, finance and healthcare will find special programs tailor-made to help overcome challenges unique to their jobs.

Conference 2011 will be the smartest notarial investment you make this year. And don’t forget the great excursions and other entertainment Las Vegas has to offer.

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