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Notaries Now Planning Their Custom Conference Experience

To better help Notaries take advantage of the newly designed programs, workshops and special futures awaiting them at Conference 2010 in Chicago, the NNA has launched a valuable interactive tool called “MyConference” — an online system that allows each delegate to personalize their Conference experience. Notaries from coast-to-coast have already begun using this feature to build their custom schedule.

The MyConference feature can be found on the 2010 Conference Web site, under the “Where You’ll Go” tab. It is available to everyone who visits the site and allows them to select the workshops, General Sessions, pre-Conference sessions or special events that they wish to attend, and save them in a personalized itinerary. Once they create their schedule it can be saved, printed or eMailed for use at Conference. It can also be shared with friends, colleagues or employers that want to review their Notary’s curriculum plan.

The MyConference feature is an essential planning tool for delegates to get the most out of this year’s special approach to Conference workshops. Instead of offering pre-assigned certificate “tracks,” as in previous years, Conference 2010 offers each delegate the freedom to pick and choose a workshop schedule that is most relevant to their particular field or professional need. A “Certificate of Continuing Notary Education” will be issued to any delegate who attends any combination of seven workshops and two General Session programs.

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