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El Paso Mayoral Candidate Denies Claims Of Liquor License Misconduct

TEXAS — A bar owner seeking to become mayor of El Paso was arrested on charges he lied before a Notary about a liquor license — but the candidate says it’s the accusations that are false, not him.

“I totally deny the charges,” said Alfrank Catucci. According to local news reports, Catucci was arrested on charges that he allowed unauthorized individuals to use a liquor license for a bar he owns and misrepresented statements on the notarized liquor license application form.

Catucci said that liquor license applications typically are notarized when submitted and he did not make any false statements on his. He added that he has obtained several liquor licenses in the past, and has had no previous trouble with them.

He said he doesn’t know why the charges have been brought against him and that he does not plan to halt his mayoral campaign. “I have no reason to quit, I’ve done nothing wrong,” he said.

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