Hotline Tip: What Is The 'Right' Way To Audit My Employee's Notarial Journal?

I need to conduct an audit of my employee’s notarial journal, but I want to make sure I do so correctly. Can you please help? - J.R., Clayton, California

An employer of a Notary may request an inspection or copies of journal entries that are directly related to the employer’s business, as long as the inspection or copying is done in the Notary’s presence. An employer may also ask a Notary-employee to regularly provide copies of business-related entries from the journal. However, the Notary is not required to allow inspection or provide copies of journal entries that are not related to the employer’s business. Ultimately, the confidentiality and safekeeping of such journal copies are the employer’s responsibility.

Notaries should never surrender control of their official journals to any employer when leaving a job. Even when an employer has paid for the Notary’s official journal — and regardless of whether the journal contains entries related to the employer’s business — the journal stays with the Notary upon termination of employment.

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