Hotline Tip: Can My Employer Prohibit Me From Notarizing Outside Of Work?

As a Florida Notary, I was recently invited to perform a marriage ceremony. However, as a bank-employed Notary, my manager told me that I cannot perform my duties as a Notary outside of my business hours at the bank, since the bank paid for my Notary commission and supplies. Is this correct? - K.T., Boca Raton, Florida

Your Notary commission was issued to you as an individual, even if the bank paid for your Notary supplies and commission. While you must follow any agreement you made with the bank while at work, the bank does not have the right to prohibit you from notarizing outside of work hours. As a Florida Notary, your commission is effective anywhere within the borders of the state of Florida, not just within the bank’s branch, and not just during business hours.


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