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Quiz: What do you know about RON?

ANSWERS (Updated 2-15-22):

1. During a remote online notarization, the signer:

A. Physically meets face-to-face with a Notary
B. Communicates by phone with the Notary
C. Uses real-time online audiovisual technology to meet with the Notary
D. Messages the Notary privately using an approved social media platform

During a RON, the signer and Notary communicate using audio-visual technology over the Internet instead of being physically present in the same room. Generally, state RON laws determine the requirements for any communication technology used for a RON. The Notary and signer must be able to communicate real-time during the notarization.

2. True or False? A Notary can perform a RON while the Notary is located anywhere in the United States.

ANSWER: False. Notaries may only perform a RON while the Notary is physically located within the borders of their commissioning state. However, the signer does not have to be in the same physical location as the Notary. The signer may be located in another part of the state where the Notary is commissioned, outside the state, or even outside of the United States.

3. Which of the following are requirements for identifying a signer during a RON?

A. The signer emails a photocopy of an ID to the Notary
B. The signer shows an ID to the Notary on camera so the Notary can compare the signer to the ID
C. The signer answers questions based on the signer’s personal and financial history
D. None of the above
E. Both B and C

Answer: E. Identification requirements for RON vary between states, but two that are commonly used are the signer presenting an identification document to the Notary on camera (referred to in the law as “remote presentation”) so the Notary ensure the person on screen matches the information on the ID and answering a series of computer-generated questions based on the signer’s personal, credit and financial history (also known as “Knowledge-Based Authentication” or “KBA”). In many states, Notaries are required to use both of these identification processes to verify the identity of remote signers.

4. True or False: As of 2021, every U.S. state has permanent laws authorizing Notaries to perform RONs. 

Answer: False. To date 40 U.S. states have permanent RON laws. However, some states, such as California, do not authorize Notaries to perform remote notarizations. 

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor at the National Notary Association.

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Annie N. Dillon

08 Feb 2021

I learned from about RON.It 's more convenient and saving your time.

Great information. Enjoyed taking the test.

08 Feb 2021

Enjoy test test

Cynthia McDade

09 Feb 2021

This was very informative. Thanks for sharing!


09 Feb 2021

If these are the requirements of RON to verify ID, Then it needs to be revisited. A signer holding up an ID to a camera is not providing proper ID. The questions asked could be easily answered by a family member or close friend. THEY DO NO FULFILL THE REQUIREMENT TO CERTIFY ID. Remember, Notary, if anything goes wrong with this signing, you hold the bag!

George LaFleur

18 Feb 2021

From my research, Texas only allows an NSA to be registered on only one RON platform at a time, each one cost $200 to $400 to get onto, and not all title companies use the same platform!!! So, rather than throw money out the window, I'm staying away from RON until they get the whole system standardized. I think it's unethical of all these different companies pushing their RON platform, knowing full well they have very limited use.

24 Feb 2022

I need to get in touch with somebody I am a notarized new I would like to start doing more

07 Mar 2022

I am a new Notary and would like to start a Notary business. I would like to connect with someone who has started a Notary business.

National Notary Association

08 Mar 2022

Hello. This article has tips that you may find helpful:

Sheryl D. Armstrong

16 Nov 2022

Great Day, The information about RON and how to do queries are just so encouraging. It unfolds an area of intelligence on how to get your job completed with purpose. Also, RON initiates various platforms that a commissioned notary can administer from.

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