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Do you follow good safety practices for mobile Notary work?

Notaries and Signing Agents often have to travel to unfamiliar locations and meet with strangers when performing mobile Notary assignments and loan document signings. Do you take appropriate precautions to stay safe while on the job? Take our quiz and see how you do.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor at the National Notary Association.

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03 Jun 2021

I'm very happy they had this test.


08 Jul 2021

Very interesting website

Gina Anderson

16 Jul 2021

This is a very mindful test. It keeps you on your toes on thinking safety

17 Sep 2021

Take every precaution regardless of the simplicity of the sigining. Call a friend, take a video, and have someone check in on you while you are there. Set up a coin phrase that will alert them to a possible problem. Best of all , pay attention to your surroundings.

17 Sep 2021

Always let someone know where you are going. And when you will leave. set up a video if meeting at a residence, but meeting in a public place is always the best answer. Make sure your phone is charged, vehicle is great working order, and use a GPS to get you there and back. Make sure you contact your back up and let them know things went ok. Think of your safety first.

Mary Kaye Walsh

12 Oct 2021

I was surprised there were no questions about COVID safety to stay well and safe. There are questions on the internet almost every day about accepting assignments when the signer has COVID.

Kendale Richardson

12 Oct 2021

Safety always first

18 Oct 2021

I was surprised there were no questions about COVID safety to stay well and safe. I always let someone know where I'm going to be, just in case of any emergency.

Linda Simpson

08 Dec 2021

Good reminder of what we all need to do to be safe

Maria Luisa F. Vuelva

04 Mar 2022

I just said for this kind of suggestions it's more accurate and legal questions and answers it means the basic questions of the person's interested on this kind of field of work. THANK YOU AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Janet G

12 Mar 2022

Having been a mobile / home massage therapist previously, I learn to practice “street smarts” tactics.

Deloris Perry

02 May 2022

Thanks for all the good information you put out there.


02 May 2022

This was a great wake up call… I’m safe but still need to be aware of things…

04 Oct 2022


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