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2013 Mortgage Hiring Forecast

Changes in the mortgage industry as well as an improving financial outlook bode well for Notaries who are seeking a new job or searching for additional sources of income. Hiring in the financial and lending industries is expected to increase by 14 percent this year, according to Career Builder’s 2013 U.S. job forecast. The employment website reveals three potential areas where professional skills and an optimistic attitude can improve hiring prospects.

  • Employers are actively seeking talent from other organizations. The report shows that in 2012, one in five workers had been approached to work for another company, even if they had not applied at that organization. Maintaining a positive relationship with your current employer, increasing your availability, and pro-actively seeking leads and signings will gain notice and make you more attractive to the competition.
  • More employers will be willing to increase compensation in an effort to retain and attract top talent. The new mortgage regulations call for more training and education, and Notaries who stay on top of the changing industry will enhance their marketability. The NNA 2013 Conference theme, Knowledge 2.0, will focus on the industry’s evolution, and provide tips on new ways to leverage a Notary commission.
  • Employers are actively taking measures to “retrain” reliable employees. This is especially true in the financial and mortgage industries, where lenders are now accountable for ensuring that staff is adequately trained and supervised in handling loan documents.

With the housing market on a rebound, 2013 may deliver more employment opportunities since the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. This may be an excellent time to explore the possibility of becoming a Notary Signing Agent.

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