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5 questions to ask when choosing a RON platform

40 states have enacted laws permitting remote online notarizations (RON). In many of these states, you will need to choose an approved RON platform that provides the technology you need to remotely notarize. How do you choose the one that's best for you? We asked remote Notaries what are the 5 most important questions to ask when choosing a RON platform. Here's their list:

  1. Does the platform meet your state's RON requirements?
  2. What security measures does the platform use to protect your Notary records?
  3. How much does it cost to sign up?
  4. How easy is the platform to use?
  5. Does the platform provide technical support?

Question 1: Does the platform meet your state's RON requirements?

RON requirements and laws vary between states. It's vital to choose a platform that complies with your Notary laws. 

Most states either require RON platforms to be approved by the commissioning official or meet performance standards established for the performance of remote notarizations. If a state requires formal approval, the Notary regulating agency usually will provide a list of approved platforms. Information on each state's RON requirements is available on the NNA Knowledge Center RON resources page. (Note: The NNA does not endorse any specific remote notarization platform. — The Editors)

John Bayne, the 2021 Notary of the Year and one of the first remote Notaries in Florida, also suggests Notary Signing Agents ask if a platform is MISMO (Mortgage Industry Standard Maintenance Organization) compliant if they want to perform loan document signings using RON.

Question 2: What security measures does the platform use to protect your Notary records?

Once you confirm the platform meets your state's requirements, you should ask what security measures the platform uses to protect your information and records. Many platforms also provide storage for remote notarization journal records and audiovisual recordings, or contract with a repository to provides storage for these notarial records. Look at the terms of service or any contract you are required to sign with a platform or repository for information about their security measures and practices. You'll want to know how they protect passwords, the level of encryption they use to protect journal entries and audiovisual recordings, and whether they allow anyone to access these records without your consent.

Question 3: How much does it cost to sign up?

The remote Notaries we spoke to said it's important to carefully review the cost of signing up with a platform — especially if there are fees for other services provided. For example, some vendors charge monthly or annual fees to users. Here are some other types of extra charges platforms may charge:

    • Fee for video links and storage of Notary records
    • A separate fee each time you use the platform
    • If the platform also provides you with assignments, a fee for setting up assignments for you. Such a fee may or may not be waived if the client can't provide satisfactory ID or the Notary decides they are not comfortable completing the signing
    • Maintenance costs

Kentucky Notary John Holder reminded readers that being a Notary is a business and keeping track of RON platform expenses is necessary to run a successful business.

John Bayne uses Secured Signing, and said one reason he chose them is because they don't charge Notaries the full fee for using their platform if a client or Notary cannot complete the notarization for any reason.

Remote Notaries share what you’ll learn by asking these RON platform questions.

Question 4: How easy is the platform to use?

Another important factor when choosing a RON platform is how easy it is for you and your signers to use.

Betty Krachey, a Notary in Tennessee who has been performing RONs for about a year, likes RON platforms that allow Notaries to perform a "free demo" for signers before the actual notarization to show how the process works. This helps the Notary guide a customer who is having difficulty with RON.

Tanica Minnis, a Florida Notary who uses Notarize as her preferred platform, said she likes how the platform sends reminder emails to her clients about scheduled appointments and is easy to use for her and her customers.

Question 5: Does the platform provide technical support?

Finally, remote Notaries said it's important to ask if the platform provides tech support if there's an issue with the system during a notarization.

Virginia Notary Takisha Robinson, who uses Secured Signing, said she not only asked if tech support was available before signing up but also wanted to know when support was available. Would they be available 24/7 to help her? If not, Robinson said it's good to check where the platform is located, as available support may be available only during business hours in the time zone where the platform is located.

Krachey described how she was once performing a remote notarization for a signer located abroad, and the RON platform she formerly used crashed. She contacted them for help, but they didn't respond for a week. She says she prefers her current platform, SIGNiX, because they not only provide faster support, they also offer monthly meetings to share updates about their platform and answer questions from Notaries.

Final note: Some states — but not all — allow signing up with multiple platforms

In some states, Notaries must use a single RON platform, but other states may allow Notaries to sign up with more than one. Bayne suggested new RON Notaries confirm whether your state allows the use of multiple platforms before choosing your platform.

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Sonji A Russell

07 Feb 2022

This was informative I'd like to learn more Thanks

Shelly Francis

07 Feb 2022

Thank you for the information. I will take all these pointers into consideration when choosing my RON platform.


07 Feb 2022

Very helpful. Although i am still waiting on the platform to reach back after I sent over my information over a week ago.

Jeanette Miller

07 Feb 2022

I will to learn morn about becoming a RON.

John McElhenny

08 Feb 2022

thinking about starting up with Ron, but unclear if I can? in Pennsylvania was checking Electronic remote Notarization found act # 97 but not sure if it passed into law. if it did then I can start Electronic Notarization can someone help with this thank you

National Notary Association

18 Feb 2022

Hello. Please see here for information how to become a Remote Online Notary in Pennsylvania:

Alvin Moore

10 Feb 2022

Does my state Texas allow signing up with more than one Online platform for signings?

National Notary Association

18 Feb 2022

Hello. We spoke with Robert Sumners, director of Government Filings with the Texas Secretary of State’s office about this topic in 2020. Mr. Sumners said Texas requires Notaries to upload their digital certificate to a state web portal so officials can verify it, and only one digital certificate can be associated with each remote Notary commission application. You would not be able to use a different RON technology provider if they need you to use a digital certificate other than the one associated with your remote Notary commission.

Rojelio perales

10 Feb 2022

What is the the notary fee?

National Notary Association

11 Feb 2022

Hello. That depends on your state. What state are you commissioned in, please?

brenda l wyatt

16 Feb 2022

What do some of you do , work wise , with your RON? Other than mortg. closings? How do you find work from home ( remote) jobs?

Emma Cousar

27 Feb 2022

I would like to sign up for Ron

National Notary Association

28 Feb 2022

Hello. You can find information to help you get started here:

Rosa Maria Lagarda de Shammas

20 Mar 2022

Great information, thanks.

Genniene Dollison

28 Apr 2022

Is there no platform that is accepted for RON in Georgia that you know of?

National Notary Association

28 Apr 2022

Hello. Georgia's temporary remote notarization provisions expired April 15, 2022. Please see here for details:

07 Sep 2022

What other RON Platforms are there that will bring me the client like Notarize do? Trying to get on the Notarize platform have been very difficult to get on the platform due to there Knowledge assessment test. Something about it seems super complex. Even if you go by the FL Governor's manual is still hard to pass.

National Notary Association

09 Sep 2022

Hello. There are many different remote notarization platforms available offering different kinds of services. While not a complete list, information about some other available providers can be found here: Before choosing a remote notarization provider, be sure to confirm that they meet your state's remote notarization requirements. The NNA does not endorse a specific remote notarization provider.


10 Sep 2022

Does Florida allow to multiples platforms to do RON?

National Notary Association

06 Oct 2022


Latoya Onyeaso

07 Oct 2022

RON training

26 Nov 2022

I'm RON certified in Florida I'm looking to see what platform I should use

National Notary Association

28 Nov 2022

Hello. While the NNA does not endorse a specific platform, you can find more information about Florida's technology requirements here:

26 Apr 2023

Does Arizona allow me to sign up with multiple RON platforms?

National Notary Association

22 Jun 2023

A Notary Public must notify the secretary of state that they will be performing notarial acts with respect to remotely located individuals and identify the technologies the notary public intends to use. State approval of RON platforms is not required in Arizona. The Arizona Secretary of State provides a list of system providers Arizona Notaries may use, but cautions that it is not a complete list and that Notaries may use any system that complies with Arizona law. The law does not restrict the number of platforms with which you may register.

Georgette Johnson

23 Jun 2023

What are some great platforms that I can sign up for that accepts Alabama notaries. I'm having the hardest time trying to find that information on this website. I found it before but I'm lost.

National Notary Association

26 Jun 2023

Hello. Please see here for more information on AL remote technology requirements:

Barbara L White

26 Jun 2023

Hello! I am a Notary in El Paso, Texas with one year left on my commission. I just moved to a suburb of El Paso but it is 5 mins into New Mexico. May I use that last year of commission to transfer to NM or do I need to start from scratch? Thank You!

National Notary Association

30 Jun 2023

Hello. Notary commissions cannot be transferred between states. To obtain a New Mexico Notary commission, your must be a resident of or have a place of employment in New Mexico.

Deirdra Alexander-Simms

06 Jul 2023

Good morning, Does New Jersey allow to multiples platforms to do RON?

National Notary Association

12 Jul 2023

Hello. Please see here for information on remote notarization technology requirements in New Jersey:

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