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Notary Bulletin

7 new NNA Membership benefits for Notaries, Signing Agents

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As the leading authority in the Notary industry, the National Notary Association is always looking for ways to help Notaries and Signing Agents in their careers and with their business. One of the ways we help is by offering a number of perks through NNA Membership.

We've added seven new benefits for NNA members this year:

  1. MetLife Legal Insurance
  2. Prescription Savings Card
  3. Hotel Engine
  4. Computers and Accessories
  5. Email Marketing Services
  6. Electronic Payment Solutions
  7. UPS Shipping Services

Learn more about each new benefit below.

Support from experts

1. MetLife Legal Insurance

A big part of being a mobile Notary is driving. With signers in different locations, you may find yourself speeding on the road. In this scenario, having access to an attorney to represent you can be invaluable. For less than $1 per day, you can access top attorneys for common legal matters, such as driving tickets and estate planning. Launching soon.

Money-saving perks

2. Prescription savings card

Good health is much more affordable with NNA Membership. Enjoy up to 80% in savings on prescriptions at most nationwide pharmacies. Your membership guarantees your family members are covered as well.

3. Hotel engine

Members get discounted rates when they stay at any one of the 400,000+ hotels that are part of the program.

Business cost controls

4. Computers and accessories

Shop to upgrade your work computer or tablet with up to 30% off Lenovo's entire product line. Free ground shipping is available, too.

5. Email marketing services

If you're interested in marketing your business via email, but don't have the skills to create professional designs or need help managing your list of contacts, Constant Contact is extremely helpful. NNA Members can save up to 25% off a full year of professional email marketing services.

6. Electronic payment solutions

Make doing business with you easier for your customers by offering multiple payment methods. From credit cards to digital wallets, Heartland Payment Systems allows you to accept most types of payment.

7. UPS shipping services

Notary Signing Agents and Notaries performing remote ink-signed notarizations will love this new member benefit. Ship documents and packages at a lower rate. UPS offers NNA Members from 10% off for next-day air and up to 75% for freight shipments.

Become an NNA Member today

While we've only described the seven newest benefits, there are many more perks exclusive for NNA Members you can learn about on this page. If you're ready to join the National Notary Association today, you can sign up here.

Rachel Fraser is the Content Marketing Specialist at the National Notary Association.


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09 Sep 2021

Thank you NNA for the timely information - this is great news for notaries ready to expand services and/or obtain new services. Very much appreciated!

11 Sep 2021

I don't see links for using most of the listed benefits, they are simply mentioned as a benefit. Information should be included how to tap into that benefit.

13 Sep 2021

Even after logging in, there is no easy way to locate any of the so-called “new” membership benefits advertised above. No links, no more data….!!?!?! Not very useful without access! Exactly WHERE on the website are all these “new benefits???

National Notary Association

17 Sep 2021

Hello. Members can access information about benefits by logging into your member profile at and selecting "Member Benefits" from the menu on the left side of the page.

13 Sep 2021

I don't see any contact or links either for these benefits. Would it be possible to include additional information on these services? Many thanks

Karen Hayes

14 Sep 2021

How do we get a list of hotels that accept this?

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