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Is the Cost of NNA Membership Worth It?

"Is it worth getting the NNA Membership?" is a question we've heard many Notaries ask themselves. Sharelle Evans of LoveLee Notary says, "It does cost, but it's definitely worth it […] there are some really good perks with being a member."

What is NNA Membership?

The National Notary Association Membership is designed to help Notaries and Notary Signing Agents save money and stay compliant with state laws. The program comes with a number of benefits ranging from product discounts to the NNA Hotline. Membership starts at $80 for 1-year or you can choose our 2-year or 4-year plan.

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NNA Membership Benefits

NNA Membership has evolved over the years and, as the benefits have changed, so has the structure of the program. Benefits fall into four categories: 1) Support From Experts, 2) Professional Privileges, 3) Money-Saving Perks and 4) Business Cost Controls.

1. Support From Experts

NNA Hotline Support

Our most popular benefit is access to the NNA Hotline. As a member, you can get your notarization questions answered on the spot whether you're on the way to a signing or during the notarial act itself. Ask us about a signer's request, documents with confusing language or any other Notary-related problem you encounter. We're here to help you.

New Law Alert Emails

As a Notary, the state has appointed you to serve the public as a trusted, impartial witness. Part of that means staying informed of law changes that may affect performing notarizations. Staying up-to-date may be the last thing on your mind in between signings and running your business. Our new law alert emails make it easier for you to stay compliant as new bills are passed.

The National Notary Bulletin

From business-building tips to remote online notarization, we cover a wide variety of Notary-related topics in the National Notary Bulletin. Members get instant access to our weekly email covering the basics about being a Notary to the latest news and trends you'll need to know.

Monthly Member News

You'll never be out of the loop when you become an NNA Member. Every month, we round up the best tips and industry insights and send them straight to your inbox. Available on desktop and mobile, you can read our publications on the go or at your leisure.

LegalShield Insurance

Emergencies, speeding tickets and estate planning are just a few times when having access to an attorney 24/7 is an invaluable asset. NNA Members and their families can access a network of top attorneys for less than $25 per month with a LegalShield plan. You can speak with an attorney in person, over the phone and even online. An attorney may also write letters or make phone calls on your behalf.

2. Professional Privileges

The Complete How-To Guide for Notaries

Need to know how to take an acknowledgment or perform a jurat? This is a great resource you can download and keep with you during notarizations and signings. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for every notarial act. It even includes real-life examples of journal entries as well as illustrations for completing Notary certificates.

The Notary Answer Book

As Notaries and Signing Agents, you should already know what you can and can't do for a signer. However, you may not know the best way to communicate that to them. Access your copy online, or download the book, which is filled with suggested responses for those times a signer makes a request that goes beyond your duties.

Notary Certificate Forms

It's always a good idea to keep loose certificates on hand in case the documents you're notarizing are incomplete or don't have the correct forms attached. All the forms you will need to perform notarizations in your state are available to you when you become an NNA Member. The forms are free to download anytime.

NNA Member Badge

Show your pride with an NNA Member Badge. Signers like to do business with brands they recognize, and with the NNA being the leading authority in the Notary industry, a badge that connects you with us may help your business. The member badge can be added to your website, social media accounts and business cards.

Member Exclusive Discounts

As your one-stop shop for all Notary gear, NNA Members receive up to 20% off different essential items every month. We have everything you need to get started as a Notary Public or Signing Agent, including journals, certificate pads and single-use thumbprint strips.

3. Money-Saving Perks

Retail Discounts

Take time for yourself and enjoy discounts on a variety of retailers within the dining, entertainment and wellness industries affiliated with Abenity. NNA Members can take advantage of discounts on restaurants, movie tickets, gym memberships and more.

Prescription Savings Card

Good health is important to living a successful life, which can have a positive impact on your business. For some, prescriptions are key to maintaining a healthy life. You can save up to 80% off prescriptions with an RX Card. Your card covers you and your family and is accepted at most nationwide pharmacies.

Insurance Member Options

The NNA has chosen Member Options to help you find affordable insurance for your auto, home, pet and more. You can get multiple quotes from up to five top carriers in a matter of minutes. We also help make switching your carrier mid-policy simple and fast.

Identity Theft Protection

If you're a Notary Signing Agent or remote online Notary, then you know how important it is to safeguard a signer's personal information. Now, you can get your own data protected at a discounted rate. Lifelock or Lifelock with Norton provides NNA Members 35% off their first year of data protection and credit monitoring.

Hotel Engine

While traveling is part of the job for many mobile Notaries and Notary Signing Agents, NNA makes it more affordable to travel for vacation too. NNA Members can save up to 55% off the best available rate at several major hotel brands. There are more than 400,000 hotels worldwide you can book for a discounted rate just by being a member.

4. Business Cost Controls

Computers and Accessories

Getting a new computer or tablet is now more affordable with the second-largest PC vendor in the world. Shop to save up to 30% off Lenovo's entire product line from desktop computers and laptops to software programs. Free shipping on online orders included.

Email Marketing Services

Having a professional email client is one way to stand out as a Notary or Notary Signing Agent. NNA Members can save 20% off six months or 25% off a full year of Constant Contact's email marketing services. Unlimited phone and email support are included.

Electronic Payment Solutions

Being able to accept any payment method not only makes it easier to run your business but also makes it faster for signers to work with you. With Heartland Payment Systems, you can accept any payment method — from credit cards to digital wallets. 24/7 member service and technical support included.

UPS Shipping Services

The cost of shipping documents can add up quickly. UPS offers NNA members discounts on their shipping services. You can save from 10% for next-day air and up to 75% for freight shipments. Overnight deliveries included.

Staples Business Advantage

Minimize business costs by leveraging your Staples discount. From office chairs to printers to a pack of pens, there are more than 100,000 products you can save on just by being an NNA Member.

Become an NNA Member Today

With benefits tailored to your professional and personal needs, there's no reason not to join the National Notary Association as a member. Sign up to become an NNA Member today.

NNA Member benefits are intended for business purposes. Please consult a tax professional if your business and personal uses overlap.

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