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Legal Expert Discusses Common Notary Mistakes, Best Practices

As one of the foremost experts on Notary law in the United States, Michael Closen has consulted as an expert witness on Notary issues in scores of court cases over the past several decades. He also has written extensively on Notary subjects, including the new book, “Professor Closen’s Notary Best Practices: Expert's Guide to Notarization of Documents.”

Closen, Professor Emeritus at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois, recently sat down for a candid video interview with the Notary Bulletin to share his insights about the common mistakes that land Notaries in legal trouble and what they can do to stay out of court.

 Michael Lewis is Managing Editor of member publications for the National Notary Association.



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Frieda Hooper

25 Jun 2018

its asking to leave comment without being able to read article. and after leaving comment still will not allow to read article keeps asking to leave comment

National Notary Association

27 Jun 2018

Hello Frieda. We're sorry you are having problems viewing an article-you should not have to leave a comment in order to do so. Can you please tell us what kind of device and browser you are using to view the article?


06 Jul 2018

can I also make a video about my services and get the nna to run it on their website for free marketing as well?

National Notary Association

06 Jul 2018

Hello, Matt. While we don't provide video hosting services for private individuals, this article has some suggestions for how you can build a web presence for your Notary business:

DD Marston

02 Oct 2018

I for some stupid reason did not renew my license, and would like to have it back

National Notary Association

03 Oct 2018

Hello. If you're referring to a Notary commission, our Customer Care team can assist you if you want to apply for a new commission. You can contact them at 1-800-876-6827.

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