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Notary Bulletin

5 Signing Agent Tips To Getting More Mortgage Assignments

5 Signing Agent Tips To Getting More Mortgage Assignments

When the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules and the new Closing Disclosure went into effect a little over a year ago, they added a new layer of regulatory mandates for the mortgage industry. As a result, settlement services companies quickly realized that they needed to rethink how they select Notary Signing Agents for loan-signing assignments.

The NSA often is the only person the borrower encounters face-to-face throughout the entire mortgage process, and regulators use feedback about the consumer experience as a key measuring stick when evaluating mortgage lenders.

At Snapdocs, we rank and rate the 65,000 Notaries in our database according to user reviews and qualifications, and our analysis shows that NSAs with more than 90% positive reviews get more assignments than those with lower ratings.

Getting Great Client Reviews

What can you do to boost your rating and encourage glowing reviews from settlement services companies and borrowers? Here are five tips based on feedback from hundreds of thousands of mortgage signings:

  1. Arrive on time or, better yet, show up to the closing a few minutes early. If you are running late, be sure to communicate that to the borrower.
  2. Help keep the borrower informed, as appropriate. If you are called upon to act as a messenger between the borrower and the lender, title company, or signing service, clearly communicate all information that needs to be relayed. And, if there is a change to the signing, alert the borrower immediately (if you provide the borrower with an update before their mortgage company does, even better).
  3. Dress professionally. Your first impression is your only impression with mobile closings, and presenting yourself well helps to earn borrowers’ trust and confidence in you.
  4. Come prepared and organized with all of the loan paperwork. Be knowledgeable about the forms the buyer will be signing so you can competently answer any questions during the closing, easing the anxiety of uncertainty.
  5. Be friendly, courteous and patient. Borrowers don't want to feel rushed, and every borrower will move through the closing at his or her own pace some may have more questions than others. Also, have patience with less-than-ideal signing situations, such as environments with lots of distractions (pets, kids, etc.).

Focusing On Signing Agent Quality

The reality of the post-TRID era is that mortgage lenders and title companies care about the quality of the NSAs they use. The shared impressions of those who have actually worked with individual Notaries provide the greatest insight into the quality of the experience that a signing professional will create for borrowers.

To win more business, focus on leaving a positive impression at the closing table, every time. With a high rating, you’ll be in high demand.

Aaron King is the founder and CEO of Snapdocs Inc., a modern technology platform that simplifies mortgage loan closings.

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vicki loebsack

23 Jan 2017

want to get more signings

Suzie C. Baker

23 Jan 2017

I am a very experienced NSA (>20 year in the industry and a licensed title agent). Unfortunately, it seems there are NSAs in my area that are ok with low ball 40-85 offers for full refinance closings, etc. While I am sure it is true they prefer quality and experience, signing companies continuously low ball. Would be nice to be offered what we are qualified to receive.

Deidra N. Mayers

23 Jan 2017

I agree completely! As I am just beginning my NSA adventure, I hope to receive a fair amount for the time and work that I will be placing into my business. We do have a great deal to accomplish and keep up to date, as well.

Cindy Gonzalez

25 Jan 2017

I have been in this business for over 2.5 years now and found that signing companies are robbing us. I get orders for $50. and refuse to work for that type of fee. If the package contains 9 stamps then that's 9 x $10.(FL) That's $90. just for the stamps and doesn't include all else involved. We are professionals in our field and should be respect as professionals. We aren't "just" signing agents! We are PROFESSIONALS!

Danielle Arnold

06 Feb 2017

Hello. I have been a notary for over 15 years, but just got into the NSA business a few months ago. I am enjoying it, thus far, however, my concern is whether sticking to notary laws and not notarizing documents for one reason or another, eg., due to blank spaces, hurts my ratings/business. I take my duties as a notary public very seriously and do not bend on situations that could leave any involved party vulnerable - including myself. However, because I know there are notaries who don't always follow the rules, either because they don't know, are more lenient, or simply want to get through the signing, I feel that may cast a negative shadow on me with the contracting companies. I'm still going to stick to my guns, but is this a valid concern; do contracting companies prefer to deal with the more lenient notaries?

Jackquealyne Hall

17 Jul 2017

New ..inexperience CSA are accepting assignments for the lowest dollar amounts and not being knowledgeable innthe business....making it almost IMPOSSIBLE for the proper fees to granted in the market foe which we serve.....Pretty sad but true...... Being A professional is Key for my Business and Those We Serve...... 3rd Party Signing Services are HAVING A BALL IN LOW BALLING ON THE WITH THIS going On its best to Find a DIRE T CONTACT with Title Companies and steer away from the Signing Services......... Hopefully this to shall Pass...


21 May 2020

Seeing all the negative feedback about not getting paid a fair amount for the work that would be done in a loan closing makes it seem like a bad idea to get into this at this point. I have my Notary for other reasons but clicked on this link because it said it would be good to use Notary commission to be NSA. How is it in CA?


25 Aug 2020

I just received my NSA certification. I clicked also to see what others had to say. Kellie, look how old these posts are. Don't get discouraged. Lets keep looking for more up-to-date info.

Sharron SmithDixon

02 Dec 2020

New to the business, looking for a mentor in or close to Forney Tx.


18 Feb 2021

I served 8 years in GA, did a few mobile signing, made perhaps $300 altogether. I never knew that outside of GA more money could be made as a LSA. I took related courses and now certified in WA. for starters you will get LOW BALLED but make it RIGHT the first time and establish relationships with the loan offices, middle man takes the CUT from us! Study, educated LSA and those who follow NNA guidelines makes the most money. Find a mentor. Be encouraged.

Michael L Mallia

17 Jun 2021

Yes, the low ball fees they offer are rediculous. What is really annoying is when they email or call you at 3PM for a closing at 5PM the same day.

Michelle Whitmore

16 Jul 2021

I’m new to the business. Looking for a mentor close to the New Jersey/ Philadelphia area.

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