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Notary Signing Agent Tip: How To Get Great Reviews

How NSAs can earn good reviews from title companies

In the mortgage industry everyone is graded. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) grades the lender. The lender grades the title company. The title company grades the signing companies. The title companies and signing companies grade the Notary Signing Agents.  This is how the industry makes sure everything is being done according to government regulations and contractual obligations.

Of course, the businesses and contractors that get the best grades get the most work. So how do you, as an NSA, earn and retain a high rating?

Be Responsive

It isn’t always easy to answer the phone or respond to a text immediately. That’s understandable. Companies just want a Notary to respond regardless of whether the answer is “Yes, I can” or “No, I can’t.” Not everyone does a mass cattle call. Some wait for a response before moving on to the next person. You shouldn’t be downgraded for saying “no” but you might if you only ever respond when it’s a “yes.”

Be Prompt

Do your best to be on time for a signing. Delays happen, sometimes through no fault of yours. Just keep all parties apprised of the situation. Title companies don’t want to receive a phone call wondering where you are, and they definitely don’t want the lender calling them to find out.

Be Professional

In both attitude and appearance, you represent the lender and title company. No matter where you are or how others act, you are conducting serious business and you should always act and dress in a manner befitting the situation. I have seen Notaries placed on a “do not use” list for wearing jeans and sneakers to a closing.

Double Check Your Work

This goes without saying but just glance through your package one last time before returning it. One mistake isn’t likely to cause your rating much detriment.  Repeated mistakes will. Where most Notaries get downgraded is the length of time it takes them to correct the mistake. Getting that error corrected should take precedence over anything else in your schedule. I have a customer who tracks not only every mistake but how long it takes to get the correction back to them. The longer it takes, the lower my rating.

Follow Directions

The vast majority of time, when a Notary gets downgraded, it’s because they didn’t follow directions. That includes not collecting two forms of ID, not faxing and not returning the correct number of copies. I have heard NSAs say countless times that they didn’t do something because they didn’t feel it was necessary. You may not know the reasoning, but it is part of the job you accepted. It is only proper to complete that job in its entirety.

As a Notary, you have a right to know your rating and how to improve it. Instead of asking your customer for more signings, ask them how you can do a better job for them. Increased signings will be a byproduct of improved performance.

Marcy Tiberio is a NNA 2015 Notary of the Year Honoree and owner of Professional Notary Services, Inc., in Rochester, New York. She can be reached at


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José Gome

22 Jan 2024

This video is very encouraging. I am starting a new as a notary and need all the help I can get so I can start on the Right foot. My main concern is receiving the Loan Signing assignment because the package has both standard size and legal size docs.

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