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What companies look for when hiring Notary Signing Agents

Updated 6-29-22. As the owner of a signing company that today does business in over 25 states and counting, I am fortunate in that I have been able to grow my business since I started as a Notary Signing Agent years ago.

I have been asked by Notaries numerous times over the years how they can get more work. I have compiled some of the things that set apart the good NSAs from the bad. A lot of these suggestions may seem like little things, but they make a huge difference.

Act like you are a professional

From the moment you answer the phone until the minute you return a package, you are on the clock. You are the only face these borrowers might ever see in relation to their mortgage. That is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

Notaries should act professionally regardless of the circumstances. It doesn't matter if the signing is in an office, someone's home or on the hood of a car. Always answer your phone as if a customer is on the other end. "What", "Huh," and "Yeah?" are never acceptable greetings.

Dress as though you work in an office. Speak to the borrower in a way that shows you are knowledgeable about the documents in the loan package and you are there to help them through the process. No matter how irate or upset they are, don't trash-talk the signing company, bank or title company. There is never any circumstance in which this is acceptable.

Always return calls. I once asked a Notary why he never returned my phone calls. He responded that he didn't call me back because he couldn't accommodate the signing. Think of how many businesses you interact with daily. Do you want to work with someone who doesn't return your phone calls? I don't.

Educate yourself. I cannot say it enough. Stay on top of Notary changes in your state. The mortgage and title industries are not stagnant. They are always evolving and changing. Taking the proper steps to make sure you are on top of those changes increases not only your knowledge base but can open more doors for you. The better we are as a whole, the more good that gets said about us, and the more work we will get and the more prosperous we become.

"Companies give their business to professional Signing Agents who they are confident will provide error-free signings for them."

ā€” Carol Ray, Notary2Pro

Have the tools necessary to do business

Signing Agents need the tools to be prepared for every situation. A cell phone isn't enough. You should have a printer that prints both letter and legal-size paper. You should have the ability to fax large quantities of paper. You should be able to scan more than 10 pages at a time and not only be able to scan them but password-protect them. You'd be surprised how many NSAs fall short in one or more of these areas.

You should have all types of packing materials for various services for sending closing documents back. Make sure to keep up with the appropriate licenses and insurance required in your state. I cannot tell you how many times I call a Notary who doesn't have a title producer's license in a state that requires it, or doesn't carry E&O insurance because they don't feel they need it.

Running any business carries expenses, and I understand that. Back in the day, I almost cried when I had to write a $2,500 check for my full-size copier when I started out solo. Today, I realize it was the best money I ever spent. Over the long run it saved me time and money. I could print packages quickly ā€” and print from the road, if necessary ā€” and it saved me money on toner and parts. That copier allowed me to take on more signings which generated more income. Look at the big picture. Decide what you want your business to look like and what you want to get out of it. That will help you decide where to spend your money.

Help others promote their business

Develop relationships with other Notaries in your area. Nothing makes me happier than when I call a Notary for a signing and they can't do it but know someone who can. That shows me they have the team spirit I value in a Notary and the interest to help me succeed. If they help me succeed, I'll help them.

We all have lists of companies we don't like, but spread the word about the companies you do like. Don't be afraid that it will cost you assignments. It won't. You'll get more. But there are two sides to that coin. Most of us have read online Notary forums. Sometimes we allow our personal feelings to overtake good judgment when we post messages and comments. I often cringe over what I read. Know that what you write will be read by people considering whether they want to work with you or not. Be careful not to become the Notary nobody wants to work with.

"We love working with a Notary Signing Agent that clearly loves what they do and makes an effort to share that in their directory listings, LinkedIn profile or on their website."

ā€” Bill Soroka, author of "Sign & Thrive: How to Make Six Figures as a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent"

What this boils down to is that you are the face of your business and a representative of a billion-dollar industry. Conduct yourself in a manner that makes companies want to call you first when they have a signing in your area. Make them want to work with you. If you do these things, fantastic. If you do some of these things, try to incorporate a few more. If you would like guidance, call me. I would love to mentor you.

Marcy Tiberio is an NNA 2015 Notary of the Year Honoree and owner of Professional Notary Services, Inc., in Rochester, New York. She can be reached at

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Paula Bills

09 May 2016


susan cochran

09 May 2016


Julie Brickley

12 May 2016

Great advice Marcy! {specially about the printer). Put somemoneyinto your biggestand most valuable tool.

Darlene J. Colcombe

26 Jul 2016

My renewal will take place after my class in September. I appreciate your advice, thank you !

mariana cadia

01 Sep 2016

I just pass my notary exam.I am new at this and scared .I don 't know where to begin looking for a job

National Notary Association

01 Sep 2016

Hello Mariana. The Notary Bulletin has several articles on how you can make business contacts in your community that may be helpful to you. You can find them at the following link: Good luck and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Joey Maita

24 Sep 2016

Great information. Thank you for sharing.

Walter Schick

25 Nov 2016

I have heard about companies that don't pay you after everything is done,sent in and done right. Is that true and is there a list of those.


09 Dec 2016

If you're just starting out it's really not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a printer. Brother makes awesome printers and the one I use cost me about $350. Has separate legal and letter trays...prints fast. Actually even a veteran Notary doesn't need an expensive's what I use and I've been a Notary for 12 years.

Annette Attanasio

15 Feb 2017

I would like to do notary signings full time but feel that not working for one company exclusive is scary at best. I pick up most my signings when i get a notice on my phone or email . Do companies work exclusive with notaries?


17 Feb 2017

I recently received my license through NNA, but they didn't offer any kind of class. All I received was a brief tutorial on do's and don'ts online. Is there a class I can attend so that I may feel more knowledgeable? I live in Houston, TX.


08 Jan 2018

I'm very interested in learning this stuff but I'm a little concerned and unclear if I'm eligible to Persue this line of work...i have a felony and a strike from 2009...ive been off.parole since this a problem??

National Notary Association

08 Jan 2018

Hello. Under the background screening guidelines recommended by the Signing Professionals Workgroup, one hundred and four separate offenses have been assigned a point value of 2 to 25 points. A cumulative score equal to or greater than 25 on a background check produces a fail result. In addition, a positive match on certain searches will automatically disqualify the applicant. You can read the SPW standards and point values for specific offenses here:


23 Mar 2018

Thank you so very much for this valuable information and your offer to mentor. That is very generous of you. I've been a notary in my state for 16 years working for a state senator. Is there some other training that is required to do loan closing?

R.Roxyann Thornton

04 Jun 2018

I live in Illinois. I have been unable to locate companies that offer the study guide and test to become a signing agent. My search has included going to public libraries that may have a study guide for me to borrow, to not avail.Any suggestions or directions ?. Thankyou

National Notary Association

04 Jun 2018

Hello. You can find information on the NNA's Notary Signing Agent Certification Course and materials here:

Joan Dawson

21 Aug 2018

I live in Georgia and am told is an attorney state. Is there work as a signing agent?

National Notary Association

22 Aug 2018

Hello. On July 1, 2012, Georgia Senate Bill 365 was signed into law as Act No. 744 to clarify that only a lender or a licensed Georgia attorney may conduct settlements and disburse closing funds in the state; and the law further prohibits anyone other than the settlement agent for the entire transaction from overseeing the closing session (OCGA 44-14-13[10]).

Joan Dawson

22 Aug 2018

What are other types of jobs/assignments can a notary do in the State of Georgia? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

National Notary Association

23 Aug 2018

Hello. We suggest starting with this article:

Dianne Bennett

19 Aug 2019

Hello, I am a new Notary Signing Agent in NC which is an attorney closing state and also restricts Notaies to 5.00 per Signature and no ancillary services. I'm looking for more information on how signing agents charge and advertise. Any NC mentors would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Nina Martin

21 Oct 2019

I'm been a notary at large for many years and just recently took the test for the loan signing agent and pass ya to me! waiting on the background check to come back ( i'm sure everything will be ok ). just looking for a little advice on what i would do to get started, i'm doing this part time till i retire just enough to get my feet wet so to speak. i'm very ocd about thing everything need to have the i's dotted and the t's crossed. if i say something I "well" do it. any advise would help, Thanks in advance.

Warren e smith

01 Nov 2019

notarized under sihged typing warren e smith for EMCA and FATHER TRUCKING COMPANY date 11/01/2019 coe notary mine warren e smith

Denise Savage

01 Oct 2020

I just received my notary, now I want to become a notary signing agent. How do I get stated and where do I take the class in Atlanta ga? Thank you šŸ˜Š

National Notary Association

02 Oct 2020

Hello. Please see here for more information:

Klydenitta Davis

19 Jun 2021

Thanks for the great knowledgeable informative advice Things to take heed to when becoming a profitable Notary or as a Business

26 Oct 2021

What is TRID stand for....

National Notary Association

29 Oct 2021

Hello. Please see here:

10 Jan 2022

Great advice, thank you.

19 Jan 2022

Thank for sharing this information. I've only been a NSA for a year and need to step my game up. I do a good job and have been semi successful but I am not reaching my professional and financial goals, so these tips are things to think about.


24 Jan 2022

Thanks a lot. This is very good information on all the stuff. I have been a notary for around 12 years but not trying to make any money. Family and friends only. Now I'm retired and can do more with notary. I'm in Kansas and would like to be a signing agent. How do I start?

National Notary Association

24 Jan 2022

Hello. Please see here for more information:

24 Jan 2022

It seems like common sense. I also beleive that there is a large portion of people in many different fields that don't take their positions seriously. Let alone try to excel at them.

Lawuan Williams

25 Jan 2022

Thank you for sharing. This is a reminder to why I started my business in the first place. I have to avoid all negative distraction and stay focused. Thank you.

Kimberly Rogers

26 Jan 2022

Great post! Almost 18 years as a signing agent & I love it. I plan on writing a book on closings....the good, the bad & the ugly. Cheers to all signing agents/closers.

27 Jan 2022

I have my notarized I have went to the Shelby County but I need more classes on where I can do legal documents and make money on everyday basics...

Jill Berry

08 Feb 2022

Wonderful article, but it also gives great insight as to exactly why Nortary's that offer great service should make way more money! Notary's that study, invest in the proper printing tools, offer professional white glove service, who don't miss signatures, nor initials, who scan back the documents right away, and ship them right back, right away! We should make way more money! If we are indeed the only face the client ever gets to see and we are dress professionally and do alllllllll that is required then why do want to low ball us! Only pay $75-$150 to close a loan for them when the loans that are over $100k! Why don't I ever see articles on why companies low ball notaries and don't want to treat them with respect for service they provide! When need more articles on just how stingy and greedy these loan companies are when need us! We all need each other so we all should be paid well for our skill and respected!

National Notary Association

08 Apr 2022

Because Signing Agents are independent professionals, organizations such as the NNA, have to be careful to avoid discussions of specific Signing Agent fee amounts that can be construed as price fixing. This means we cannot recommend specific amounts for Notary Signing Agent fees, lobby for higher fees, or host discussions among Signing Agents agreeing to only charge certain fee amounts. For more information, please see this link:

08 Mar 2022

Hello I'm a new Loan signing agent and look for some resources I can you to get started. I have already passed my test and background test. I would love to network with someone.

National Notary Association

11 Mar 2022

Hello and welcome! You can find articles with information for Signing Agents here: This article has tips for networking:

Satendra N Parbhakar

30 Aug 2022

I have signed multiple mortgage documents with a notary signing agent for my own properties. Now I became a certified notary signing agent and looking forward perform my duties as a notary signing agent.

Satendra N Parbhakar

30 Aug 2022

I became a certified notary signing agent to perform my duties as a NSA. I have knowledge of mortgage documents, since I have signed multiple mortgage documents for my own properties with a notary signing agent for many times.

john boyd

24 Oct 2022

Where can I find NSA brokerage companies in Seattle WA?

Rhoda Fults

26 Oct 2022

I have been checking videos on Youtube about permit runner. I am not sure if in Georgia that is permitted. I have seen many website offering service but have seen the law about it.


24 Oct 2023

Can you give us the type of printer did you purchase?


02 Jan 2024

I rarely leave comments in this type of platforms. But I want to share my appreciation for your tips. Iā€™m new in this kind of business and your tips were so helpful and heartfelt. Thank you so much. Greatly appreciate your time on writing and sharing it.


08 Feb 2024

Hello all, I am new to being a notary and a notary signing agent. I am looking to start a new career and would appreciate any help and resources that anyone could provide.

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