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Social media etiquette for Notaries

social media tips for Notary professionals

Updated 11-3-23. As Notaries, we rely on information from many sources: our Secretaries of State, the NNA, local Notary groups and training programs. We also share information on social media platforms. While this is a wonderful way to connect with each other, we must take a professional approach to what and how we share.

After spending a good deal of time using social media, here are a few lessons I’ve learned:

Post relevant information

Posting information that has value to other Notaries is important. Sharing information about training and supplies or asking fellow Notaries questions are all helpful postings. Posting about companies you enjoy working for or asking questions about potential clients is also helpful to other Notaries trying to build their businesses. Share information that you feel is of value to others in your industry.

Sharing information about a company that doesn’t pay promptly or adequately is fine, but be cautious about what you say and how you say it. The internet is unforgiving, and once you have posted something, there is no taking it back.

Don’t post in anger

It’s so easy to jump on those forums and type away about all the injustices you endured. Many times those posts come off as personal rants and promote a mob mentality. Wait a day. Wait two days. Wait until you have calmed down enough to be objective about the situation. You want to state the facts in the most objective way possible so that you project yourself in a believable manner.

Don’t be negative

We have all seen them: the chronic complainers. They complain about the signing companies, fax backs, too many phone calls, too large packages, delay in payment, etc. Over time this seems less credible and people tend to stop listening.

Use proper English, real words and complete sentences

Notaries need to be good communicators, and good grammar and spelling go a long way toward demonstrating that skillset. On the other hand, no one wants to hire a Notary that is perceived to be a poor communicator. We’ve all used emojis and acronyms, but I would urge you to use them sparingly. Not every sentence requires a smiley face or a cat waving at me. Acronyms tend to come across as laziness and can also be misconstrued. Avoid writing in all capital letters.

Avoid offensive language

I have seen countless posts that call people names, use curse words or acronyms for curse words. That type of language makes you look petty and unprofessional.

Do update your posting

If you had posted about a company that didn’t pay you and you did finally receive payment, share that. If you received an answer to a question you had asked, share that, too. Showing that there was a resolution to what prompted you to post in the first place is just as important as that initial posting.

Always be professional

Remember, you are posting as a business owner. Your conduct on these forums represents you and your business. Signing companies, title companies and lenders read those forums. They look to see what is being said and by whom; and what you are saying may have you placed on their “Do Not Use” list.  You may be losing out on work and don’t even know it.

Marcy Tiberio is a NNA 2015 Notary of the Year Honoree and owner of Professional Notary Services, Inc., in Rochester, New York. She can be reached at

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