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Using Social Media To Build Your Notary Business

social-media-building-resiz.jpgUpdated 5-9-18. Marketing your Notary business through social media has a lot of advantages: It is essentially free and easy to set up and manage. It provides exposure for your brand, generates networking opportunities, and is leveraged by many entrepreneurs to turn leads into sales. However, it takes time, commitment, and a solid understanding of effective strategy.

It helps to approach social media marketing as an extension of your normal, face-to-face networking strategy. After all, social media is just another way to build relationships with potential clients, and each social platform can be designated for specific types of relationship building: personal, professional and local.

Facebook’s Personal Relationships

Most people know Facebook, but it has become a tricky social media platform to use. Between the growing number of competitors using it and the frequent changes Facebook makes to reduce the number of people who see your posts, businesses have a much harder time seeing value for the content they post. But there are methods you can use that will help you reach your desired audience.

Once your official business page is set up, share the news on your personal Facebook profile so that your friends can follow your business page if they’d like to stay updated on your Notary services. Don't forget to share the appropriate link to your business page so friends can easily find it. You never know when your neighbor, gym buddy or PTA friends will need a Notary. But try to avoid going overboard with too much self-promotion. 

You can also invite your Facebook friends to "like" your Notary page by using the platform’s "invite your friends" feature, which is available on your business page.

LinkedIn’s Professional Relationships

Every Notary entrepreneur should have a LinkedIn account, and it should be used to grow your online network. Connect with other Notaries, title companies, real estate agents, local banks, hospital administrative staff, law offices, and any other potential client. Make sure that your profile is completely filled out and that "Notary" or "Signing Agent" appears in your job title, summary, employment history or skills so that your profile can be found in search results. Join a few relevant groups and get involved in their discussions.

The National Notary Association hosts a few LinkedIn groups for Notaries to share advice and information. Look for groups related to your immediate community so you can make connections with other local business owners in your area. Craft a short note to introduce yourself to potential business partners and offer your services as a resource should these businesses require a Notary in the future.

Avoiding Time Drain: Creating A Weekly Social Calendar

Once you’ve set up your social profiles, you have to post content regularly to see results. Just like any relationship, it requires effort to keep it alive. T.L. Smith from AfterHoursVA manages over 10 social media platforms. She says, "The key is planning ahead and having some sort of content calendar. I usually plan out my posts on a monthly basis and use Hootsuite to schedule posts. But even if I automate posts, I still take about 30 minutes midday and maybe an hour in evenings to respond to people, like and share posts, and engage with potential clients."

For optimal results, plan each week in advance so you are never scrambling to post something. Instead, create a weekly social calendar and evaluate the timing and potential effectiveness of your posts before they happen. Experiment and try different kinds of posts to see what works best for your business. It may help you to schedule a number of items in advance on Sunday morning, and have them post early each day throughout the week. This will give your audience time to read and comment so that your available time later can be spent responding to the comments made earlier in the day.

Converting Your Network Into Clients

Anyone who has networked knows that the point is not just meeting people and developing a large circle of acquaintances. The real value comes from having the people you know refer the people they know to you. Those referrals are even easier to find online if you are actively networking on social media. If a local realtor needs a Notary and remembers a discussion with you on LinkedIn, he or she may give you a call.

Remember, your local connections will be your most meaningful ones. You are likely already attending local networking events. When you get home, log onto your social media sites and reach out to the people you met. Connect with them on LinkedIn and follow their Facebook pages. Comment on their posts and continue to nurture that relationship so your face and name come to mind when they need a local Notary. Once you see social media as an extension of in-person networking, it is easier to see the benefits.


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23 Jun 2016

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17 Feb 2022

I am curious to know what type of content we can post on Facebook or Instagram if we provide the loan signing services . I find it hard on creating a content for a daily or even weekly basis , I can post about my services , but other than that , how would you keep people engage in your page ?

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