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How Facebook can help you with your Notary business

like-thumb.jpg(Originally published in the January 2013 issue of The National Notary magazine )

As small business owners, we all have one overriding priority: generating more revenue. We do this by connecting to the market, developing leads and closing the deal.

Throughout the history of modern business, every dollar originates from creating that initial relationship. What’s different today is that those relationships are originating online, particularly through social media channels, especially through the mother of all social networks: Facebook. The key to success for entrepreneurs in today’s social media environment lies in knowing how to cultivate those connections, nurture them, and convert them into loyal customers.

So The National Notary magazine reached out to several Notary-entrepreneurs and asked them to share how cultivating relationships through Facebook has been beneficial for them.

TNN: Please describe a time when you met a person at an event, became friends with them on Facebook, and then did a notarization for that person.

Nathan Ganeshan, owner of Nathan Notary — “Once I was at a family dinner and I was introduced to a mortgage consultant. He connected with me on Facebook and today I am his exclusive Notary for all loan signings.”

Tonie Boaman, owner of Dash Notary — “An attorney and I crossed paths in networking circles a few times a month. Eventually I asked him, “What way do you prefer to be contacted?” His reply: “Phone and Facebook.” That night I added him to my friends list. Less than two weeks later he called me on a Sunday to help him with documents for court on Monday. He then went to our Facebook business page and posted, “Thanks for being there with your Notary kit when I needed a document notarized last Sunday.”

Maria Torres, owner of Notary @ Your Door — “Some of my clients found my Facebook page by searching for a Notary on Google. One of them is a law firm from New York called Weitz & Luxenberg. They were searching on Google for a Notary in Florida. They became fans of my Facebook page and are now continually send me referral business for signings in Florida. This relationship did not call for a face to face meeting all thanks to a few emails and my Facebook business page.”

TNN: How has Facebook helped you with word of mouth referrals?

Nathan Ganeshan: “Definitely Facebook has played a better role than just word of mouth. Eighty percent of my business comes from referrals and word of mouth, however, Facebook keeps me one step ahead of the game as it gets me and prospective customers connected immediately by sharing my Facebook business page. This is beneficial because no one needs to write down my contact details. All they have to do is go to my Facebook page. Also, every time a friend likes or comments on a post from my business page, their friends see that interaction between us, which helps my business grow.”

How Facebook Can Help You With Your Notary BusinessTonie Boaman: “I can’t tell you how many times other Notaries and signing companies have said to me ‘No need for marketing on Facebook, you will never get repeat business from there.’ I have news for them: We performed hundreds of Notary jobs in 2012 and almost all of them did repeat business with Dash Notary. On Facebook, you are constantly reminding your customer base about you, so we are reaching out and taking the repeat and referral business instead of waiting for it to come to us.”

Maria Torres: “When customers visit my Facebook page, they see that although my company is small, it’s a company that stays connected with its clients. This gives potential clients the confidence they need to email me or call me directly to setup an appointment. Once the initial contact is made, a deal is almost always reached. This week the company that runs the perks website for the 37,000 Miami Dade County employees contacted me to have me as part of their network of wedding officiants for their employees. They only have three wedding officiant companies displayed on their website, and one of the reasons why they contacted me was because of my website and Facebook page.”

TNN: Why do you continue to use Facebook?

Nathan Ganeshan: “I love Facebook. I literally live on it. Facebook has provided such a wonderful platform to spread the message and visibility of my service, unlike other social media. Facebook also helps me connect to prospective customers. I can’t exist without it.”

Tonie Boaman: “It would not be a smart move if Dash Notary quit using Facebook. We would easily lose 30 percent of our business from referrals. I do not know about everyone else, but one of our significant factors when deciding if we are taking a late night appointment is the question, “How did you find out about us?”

Another reason is the private and/or public groups on Facebook: This is your bread and butter for getting referrals. Do NOT spam advertising; instead get to truly know the members of each group you are in. Then you can post news about the industry or something else happening with your company in the group about once a week. This is a great way to stay in people’s minds for the referrals.”

Maria Torres: “Facebook allows me to have an online network of attorneys, realtors, closing companies, law firms, and individuals that I can keep in contact with and market my services to. Another reason why I continue to use Facebook is to keep in contact with other Notaries and NSA’s in my area. This is very useful because I can refer business to them when I am unable to accept a new signing opportunity. This keeps the client happy because they are getting the signing completed by another highly capable Notary. Notaries in my area also refer business back to me.”

TNN: How has interacting with the NNA’s Facebook community been beneficial for you?

Nathan Ganeshan: “First of all, the NNA’s presence has increased tremendously on the Social Media — thanks to Tom Heymann and his social media team for their excellent job. The NNA’s Facebook presence connects Notaries in the U.S. and allows them to share their knowledge and experiences, thus many Notaries get to know one another and exchange ideas. Personally I have become friends with other Notaries whom I never seen or known. On the whole, the NNA’s Facebook page has created a new era in their effort to bring Notaries together in one community. The NNA has also posted several webinars, Notary Bulletin articles, shared industry news, and referred to other services, which definitely helps many Notaries.”

Tonie Boaman: “National Notary Association’s Facebook page has helped us increase business by providing content that is relevant to the Notary Public profession. Thus, they allow their members to repost the information so the general consumer learns that Notary Publics are more than ‘Sign, Stamp, and Deliver.’ One of the best reasons to visit NNA’s Facebook page is to connect with other Notaries. Another reason is to post questions you might have about one of your clients or to call the NNA Hotline.”

Maria Torres: “The NNA’s Facebook page has helped me learn how other Notaries and NSA’s deal with difficult situations. It helps me learn from other people’s mistakes and to avoid my own. The NNA’s Facebook page has increased my knowledge as a Notary, and the more I know, the more capable I feel when it’s time to close a deal. Furthermore, displaying the NNA logo on my Facebook page is a sense of security and peace of mind to my clients.”

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06 Jun 2016

third time i have renewed my notary commission time getting faster & faster lul

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