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Notary Bulletin

Important FAQs About Notary E&O Insurance

If one of your notarizations is challenged, who protects you? Without a Notary Errors and Omissions insurance policy, you’re on your own. Get coverage today.

Support New CA Bill To Allow Notaries To Set Their Own Fees

The NNA is in support of AB 1408, a new bill that would allow Notaries in California to set their own fees for notarial services. We encourage all Notaries to offer their support for this important legislation.

22 Ways To Make Money As A Notary

How do you make money as a Notary? Here is a list of things you can do right now to promote your business and earn more money.

Quiz: Test Your Copy Certification Knowledge

Do you know the proper steps to take if a signer asks you to certify a copy of a document? Test your Notary knowledge of copy certification rules.

Where Can Notaries Perform Their Duties?

California Notaries have statewide jurisdiction and may notarize in any part of the state. Ask the NNA hotline when you are confronted with a tricky situation.