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Notary Training Providers Worth Checking Out

Training Course

Updated 2-9-23. New and experienced Notaries often look for training, and there are many options available — including live classes or online courses  — covering a wide range of topics, and varying in cost and availability. Some states sponsor their own training courses. Notaries in some areas can find courses at their local community college. There also are a number of private education providers. Notaries seeking training should research their options and choose the training that best meets their needs. To help you navigate the training and education waters, below is an overview of some providers that offer training.

American Society of Notaries (ASN) 

ASN provides inexpensive general and state-specific Notary education as well as signing agent courses. ASN’s online courses include state-approved Notary training for California, Florida, Missouri, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. It also offers an educational course for Texas that is not required by the state. ASN also provides an online training course for signing agents and an “All States Notary Education” course. However, ASN’s website notes that the general course does not cover education requirements for the states of California, Florida, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana and Nevada and does not serve as a substitute for their state-specific training in those states.


Notary2Pro is a well-regarded provider of Notary signing agent training. The course includes comprehensive coverage of signing agent procedures and issues, and also includes the option of a certification exam upon completion. In addition, Notary2Pro offers mentoring and assistance to new signing agents to help them get started in the field. Notary2Pro also offers a general Notary course and an online support community, but most services are focused toward commissioned Notaries seeking to become signing agents.


NotaryRotary offers a state-approved course for California Notary applicants both online and, in partnership with an in-state vendor, through live local classes. They also provide a variety of resources for signing agents, including an online message board system that is geared toward discussions among experienced signing agents.

Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN)

PAN offers state-specific training for Pennsylvania Notary Public applicants, both online and through live classes, at different locations throughout the state. They are particularly known for their knowledge of Pennsylvania procedures and their information line for answering questions regarding Pennsylvania notarizations and motor vehicle procedures.

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Gwendolyn Robertson

19 Jan 2015

Need updated info on laws governing notaries practicing in the state of Louisiana.

Lula Johnson

27 Feb 2015

Is a notary public suppose to make a copy of what she notarizers? I have been to many noteraries but she always makes a copy of the document.5u8AbQ

National Notary Association

27 Feb 2015

Hello Lula, Please see this hotline tip:


02 Aug 2017

I've taken all the training classes and have been certified with NNA. My question is That there always seems to be a few forms in the package that I haven't seen before. This makes it difficult when you receive signing assignments last minute and do not have time to prep. Is there any training available to learn about other or all the different kinds of document forms?

22 Nov 2020

Hi. What is the difference between Notary Essentials® $59 and Notary Quick-Start Training $39? Thank you.

National Notary Association

04 Dec 2020

Hello. Please see this article for information on the differences between Notary Essentials and Notary Quick-Start Training:

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