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How To Use To Get A Leg Up On The Competition

With the mortgage and real estate markets working through a downturn, competition for Notary signing agent assignments has become fierce. But amid all the changes, a growing number of nationwide signing services and title companies are using to find qualified NSAs.

Personal Appearance Vs. Webcam Notarization

I have been asked to notarize documents for a wheelchair-bound client. She requested to perform the notarization online using Skype and a fax machine, using Internet video technology to identify her as the signer. Are these procedures acceptable?

When A Customer Takes Your Seal

A customer came into my office and asked to have her signature notarized on some documents. She left — and then I noticed my stamp was missing! What should I do?

Why Small Talk Is Good Notary Business

Learn how small talk can generate more business for Notaries. Receive customer service advice from other Notaries.